Rainy Summer in the Province 2015

For a couple of years that I spent my summer days far from the province, those were perfectly hot and literally summer. This time around that I and my little man is happily spending these summer days here in the province, we are experiencing rainy summer here.

Rainy Summer in the Province 2015

And since it’s a rainy summer and we can do nothing more to enjoy this season, we just opted to let our booties out from our shelves and make the best out of this.

So guys, wherever you are right now spending your summer vacation, enjoy and seize the moment.

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Siblings Day 2015

Happy Siblings Day Everyone!!!

Here below is just two of our photos taken years ago. Well, these are my siblings.

National Siblings Day 2015 Gagay MD Dinampo

National Siblings Day 2015 Gagay Dinampo

Happy Siblings Day guys and enjoy the rest of the day. Let us all be grateful to have our sibling in our side as I do.

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Lenten Season 2015

This Lenten Season, it’s the time of the year that we, especially Roman Catholic believers, to repent and have most of the time spent fasting, praying and realizing with our spiritual stuff. And for this time, from our family, we are extending this great song for Lenten Season with you all. As I always mention before, up until now, I got no complete sound system here in our place, even just a part of it like furman rp8. Eventually, I am just listening this music in my laptop. And I just hope you guys will enjoy this one also.

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How to Apply NBI Clearance Online?

It seems like every single transactions we’re having in this generation is almost always just a click away. Even in our government, from the filing of birth certificate to others, payment and all, are almost instant. And now, the National Bureau of Investigation or NBI clearance is now also made available online.

NBI Clearance Online

So everybody’s asking how to apply NBI clearance online?

Here’s the simple procedure:

  1. Fill out the online form, filling out all the necessary fields.
  2. Print out the form, taking note of the Application Code.
  3. Bring the form to any NBI clearance center for image capture and fingerprint biometrics.
  4. For “no hit” applicants: Proceed to Releasing section, for the printing and issuance of NBI clearance certificate.
  5. For applicants “with hit”: You will be advised to come back on the release date written at the back of your official receipt (O.R.). When advised to proceed to Quality Control Section for interview, your clearance will be issued upon evaluation and cleared by the Quality Control interviewer.

Simple, isn’t it? So guys, make the most out of this opportunity we have, so grab this easy and simple way to apply for NBI clearance online.

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Shopping for Toy Cars

My little man is growing up so fast that he’s able to identify what toys to grab in the toy shop every time I and hubby brought him in the malls. More often than not he stopped by at the big toy cars section where really big toy cars are displayed — those that can even accommodate him, he can manipulate the car while riding.

One time, he was testing one of those big cars and while riding on that car, one of the wheels detached and he was almost thrown sideward. He was like shocked after I was able to shout when that thing happened. I just asked for new item then to have my son test. But the shop attendants were nervous that they just pointed, showed and talked about a ball bearing drawer slides here which confused me. But lucky enough, son wasn’t badly hurt and he just smiled when a new toy car was showed to him.

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