Considering Indonesia on my Birthday Celebration

On my last birthday celebration, the family had a blast of it in a resort in Samal Island in the country. The island is best known for its white sand beaches and other spots, which are inviting for a whole family to spend a day or two. That is actually one of the many reasons why I opted to stick on that celebration instead of staying at home and just merely having karaoke session with my family friends. I first made sure that not only me who will sure to enjoy the day but also my son, the kids in the family, my family per se and my invited friends.

Remembering the two weeks before my birthday, I and hubby argued where to spend my celebration because of possible inevitable situations to happen. But thanked God the Lord has given me what my heart desired. I actually wanted to supposedly spend that big day outside of the country. Perhaps any southeast Asian country will do. One of the nearest in the country is Indonesia, specifically in Bintan Island.

Why Indonesia?

The very first reason is that, honestly, is that it is accessible from the city we are living. We sure won’t be spending more bucks to travel to another city airport just to take a plane to fly to Indonesia. Another is that the county has requires no visa for any tourist to visit there. So whether will I be flying alone or with my whole family, I will sure to still save bucks on getting a visa and also, anytime we wanted to fly in the country, I got no issues and can visit the country anytime I wanted to – even a day before my birthday or exactly on that day. And lastly, there are great islands in Indonesia where the family can enjoy, and as mentioned above, one of the many islands in Indonesia that every tourist wanted to visit is the Bintan Island.

Bintan IslandBintan Island (image from

Bintan Island is one of many well-known islands in Indonesia where one can find numerous resorts and vacation stops for the whole family. Tourist spots here also offer relaxing ambiance, which are the best places to try for a three-day escape from the busy and stressful life in the city. And in fact, the island is the largest island in the Riau Islands province where a variety of exciting events can be done including water sports activities, leisure and even shopping for great souvenir items.

However, since we only have a very limited budget for the said getaway, the family just settled for the lesser expense celebration, but still in a resort, in Samal Island here in the country. Hopefully, the family can spend a day or two outside the country soon.

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Staying Fit and Healthy on my __th Birthday

This is a sponsored post and all mentioned here are my opinion and experiences.

I will be celebrating my nth birthday in less than a week now. And as a young adult, should I say I am, I need to make myself to be always and stay fit and healthy. With my busy schedule, I almost can’t perform my morning 10-minute treadmill walking and running every day. Birthday CakeIn fact, sometimes, my hubby even suggests to enroll me directly to a gym studio for me to religiously have my routine exercise be realized and to keep myself fit even I am physically and mentally exhausted from hospital duty and home based jobs as well.

I know my hubby is just concern with my health, inside and out, but I hardly can find time to escape from my work. I know multivitamins and supplementations are not enough because I need to sweat out also for me to maintain flawless healthy skin.

One time, my friends mentioned some obvious wrinkles when we dine out. The other also was destructed with my untrimmed eyebrows. But because it’s not my attitude to trim and wear make-up, they just suggested to have me see a parlor to do all beauty stuff for myself. I first disagreed because I found those stuff unnecessary and would just cost more from my pocket. Therefore, what they did was to offer me Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons coupons for me to utilize and have myself the pampering I need even just for once a month or so. Included in these coupons are for eyelashes extensions, which, according to them, would best fit to my eyebrows after being trimmed.

I checked on the website they shared and I was able to find out a lot more health, beauty and wellness groupons I could use. I also showed it to my hubby and he was interested in trying one for men.

These groupons sure to help every beauty and wellness conscious save more from their pockets as these offer great discount in select shops to stop by for a pampering beauty session.

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Popular Boat Accessories

When you own a boat, you probably enjoy spending time on the water with family and friends while relaxing in the sun or even doing a little fishing. There are basic accessories that come on each boat, but there are also a few Attwood boat accessories that you can find that can make being a captain a little more fun and entertaining for passengers.Popular Boat Accessories

One of the easiest things to add to a boat is a new light. You need a light on the boat if you’re on the water at night or if it’s foggy or raining. There are larger lights that you can add to the boat as well as lights in different colors. Find out from officials in your state what color is allowed on the boat and what should be avoided as there are colors that are illegal.

There is nothing more popular with boating than tubing. You can get floats of various sizes and shapes that attach to the back of the boat with a long cord so that passengers can go tubing on the water. The Airhead Viper is one of the most popular types, but there are other brands available depending on how many people want to be on the raft at one time.

A small grill that is portable is ideal for making a meal while on the boat. Even if you don’t take the family or friends out on the boat, you can make hamburgers, hot dogs or other foods that you can enjoy while fishing or just relaxing on the open water. A stainless steel grill is ideal as it won’t corrode in the water. A small propane tank is another accessory that you can keep on the boat in case it’s needed for the grill or a heating device as you might find that being on the water is a little colder than being on the land.

Mats that won’t slip on the floor of the boat are a god investment. New seating that is comfortable for guests to sit on is an accessory that can make any trip pleasant. Some of the accessories that you want to have on board for safety include an automatic inflating vest that will inflate when you get in the water and a life sling. This is a device that makes it easy to get someone back on the boat if they are in the water.

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Simple Events and Party Organizer

Events and parties, be it just a simple one or not, need to be celebrated memorably that is like the end of the world. There is no need to throw up a really costly one, but just an affordable and a pocket-friendly one is enough.

In these times when we all have a tight budget for an event, we seldom end up thinking of the idea of “this would be enough” which is actually if we will dig  down to our resources, we can actually make a simple events and party real extravagant without spending much. This is what I am planning to utilize this coming 3rd birthday of my little man, Zach.

I will be an instant simple event and party organizer!

Events and Party Organizer

Some of the simple innovations one can make is instead of using or opting to rent a projector which is really costly, why not use a simple TV monitor at home or an event 20 20 monitor then? In terms of utensils, instead of buying disposable materials, better use what is already available in the kitchen like spoon, fork, plates and cups. And the best thing of all, for simple events, we can have the party at home. It is way cheaper than renting an events place where additional costs for tables, chairs and other decorations are needed. This is very applicable if we expect guests of only less than 50.

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Music Store

Music is the song of the soul. It’s even more meaningful and soulful to listen when played beautifully by a professional and trained musical instrumentalist with a heart.

I have one close friend who used to have a music school. Her husband used to be a band instrumentalist and just not too long ago they decided to put up their own music studio or school to cater kids and adults who would love to learn any instruments they are offering. The studio is a bit far from my place so I can’t send my little man out there. But when the couple decided to add more instruments for their studio, I did not hesitate to accompany them.

It wasn’t my first time to hop for musical instruments but I was just surprised how they really dedicate their lives teaching and sharing their talents on music, as we chat. They even have students who suffer from ADHD and that music is one of their therapy and perhaps the reason why those kids were enrolled in their studio.

Talking more about instruments, the couple is really fascinated with music that upon entering the store, they really knew where and what to pick up from hundreds of instruments being displayed in front of us.

Music Store

Indeed the day was great as we had to talk and share thoughts as we used to do before. The couple has bought 2 different types of musical instruments. Tiring but the experience was great. I even threw them a joke telling them the next time they need a new instruments they better look for one online, order and shop there like that of the musicians friend. But the couple asked me where can they fine musicians friend locations as they really wanted to try and test the physical instrument before grabbing one.

*Image above is not mine.

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