5-day Wedding Preparation

When I and M decided to get married, it took us more than three months to prepare for our big day although it was already a “rush” wedding event because I was already pregnant that time and both of us could not steal an ample amount of time to be out of our different fields of work just to catch up with for the event — having the fact that we both are an island far away from each other and an hour plane ride is needed to be together because of our work. So basically, our wedding was swiftly prepared, but at least it was still one of the most memorable day I and M had.

Christian WeddingAfter our Wedding Ceremony

But I never thought that our not more than three months wedding preparation was the worst in terms of wedding preparation. There, in fact, is one more hasty than ours which just took our family friend 5 days to make all for that big day a reality. Amazing, isn’t it?

With the span of 5 days, the couple speedily arrange from the event’s place to the primary sponsors, including us. And for the wedding motif and theme, they just decided with their own but for the tokens, they fetch some good ideas from us. But because I wasn’t prepared for the said call for advise-consulting, I had no other words uttered but to let them check these affordable 99 cent wedding favors out at Favor Warehouse. For other stuff needed for their wedding, they were able to manage then.

Eventhough the said memorable event of their life had a speedy prep time, it was still a success and enjoyable day. Best wishes to the newly wed!

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Happy 34th Birthday Big Brother

For number of years I have been busy in-time of my big brother’s birthday, and now that I get a little time to make this awesome post for him, I shouldn’t let this day pass by without doing so on his 34th blessed year of life.

Anyway, this image below took me a day, let me count that by hour – it’s 24 hours, to browse this really heart-touching and oh-so realistic message which really suit our being siblings. Just to remind you guys, he’s the eldest and I am the youngest. Smiley

Happy Birthday Big Brother Card

Moreover, for you my big brother on this special day of yours, Happy happy birthday and I am pretty sure that you really will. I sure am to cook something for you tonight. I always love you!

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Happy National Best Friend Day 2015

Aside from celebrating Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Siblings  Day, it is also just to celebrate Best Friend Day. And it is today! Smiley

Happy National Best Friend Day 2015

Best friends are the persons we usually lean on not just on trying times but almost always even on the happiest days we have. They are often not our relatives but they are always there to lend a hand for us.

On this very special day to every best friends, I am praying that our friendships will prosper for more to having a good relationship. Happy National Best Friends Day everyone!

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Free Orchestra Music Online

When I know I was pregnant, I started listening to classical music specifically those that are played orchestra-like. I do believe that listening to such music provides significant benefits to my adorable one inside and to me as well as it relaxes me also.

Free Orchestra Music Online

But since I was still attending school and going to hospital for duties, I just opted to utilize free orchestra music online which I found very cost-effective and handy as it is since I was able to have it everywhere I go as long as I was connected to the internet.

Now that my little man is almost 2 years old, listening to orchestra music is still in me and I guess my baby has been used to this also. He also loves to listen to this kind of music. In fact, when he’s about to sleep any hour of the day, I make sure to turn my playlist on up until he woke up.

I just wish then that I could bring my little man to a 300 orchestra show, live in a musical hall soon as he grows up.

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Happy Mothers Day 2015 Mom and Siblings

I and my siblings are having our own kids already and we all are happy celebrating motherhood, as well as our mom. So today, as the world is celebrating Mothers Day 2015, we are sharing to you this wonderful picture taken last New Year of 2014.

Happy Mothers Day 2015 Mom and Siblings

In the image above, you can see from the left, that is me — I was carrying my 3-month old then little man, Zach. Next to me in there is my elder sister, Wee, cuddling her 10-month old then little lass, Aleeza. Sitting third from left is Didong, my eldest sister’s, Bait, cute man.

I could humbly say that you can see from each of our baby’s eye how we, as mothers, enjoy and love being one. It is because as the saying goes, a fruit bears how the roots being planted. And this also explains also how our mom loved and treasured their kids.

Happy mothers day to my mom and to my siblings. Pardon me if I can’t share a picture of my mom with us because I wasn’t able to find one. LOL.

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