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Writing is one skill I’ve learned since 8 years old. I was trained in our school peg. I was even sent to conferences, training, events and competitions bringing the name of the school until high school. I used to write news articles then. That was the first section I was assigned at. Then I became the associate editor of the school paper during my elementary years. During high school, copywriting, proofreading as well as being the English associate editor were all my tasks. When I went to college, I did apply as news writer. I was accepted and even recommended to be part of one of Davao City’s broadcasting company. But my parents, especially my mom, did not allow me for reasons I hardly understood before. So I did not insist. I instead focused on my studies and do blogging and work online as freelance writer, editor and proofreader for thesis, manuscripts and other articles. True enough, with writing, I earn more than I expected.

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Now that I already have a good grasp and background with medicine, as my professional career, I also accept medical-related writing, editing and proofreading jobs. In fact, I’d been into this online job, specifically medical proofreading job – as a freelance proofreader, for a year now. So far, this one, honestly, made me earn more than the usual writing since editing medical books and articles really require medical field knowledge and studying medicine is not just a sleep-away. It takes a decade of life to gamble for this profession and it is not a joke, it is not easy. So I guess, a medical proofreader job is just well-compensated, as far as I experienced it.

So guys, if you need articles, manuscripts, thesis, scientific research papers, medical books, ebooks and a lot more to get proofread, never hesitate to contact me. We can discuss terms so I can immediately start proofreading you articles.

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iPad Sound is NOT WORKING!

My little man used to play online educational videos as wells as apps in my undeniably vintage iPad 2. You’d probably guess what I mean of “vintage iPad 2”. Yes, you’re right! This iPad is included in the first batches of iPad sold here in the country years ago. If you may try to browse this blog of mine, you’ll sure to know and read my previous posts, that was years ago, about when I bought this iPad and how I first used it.

Moreover, as what I’ve mentioned, my iPad has been a great tool for my son’s development. He learned a lot of things from merely using the iPad. However, just very recently, the iPad sound is not working anymore. iPad sound not workingOur house helper once mentioned that my son accidentally fell the iPad after it slip from his hands. So I just decided now to buy it an external sound system instead. But I am not sure if an apogee one for iPad & Mac Audio Interface will still work on this. One friend of mine suggested to personally and physically bring the unit in an iOs store instead so I can check and try if such stuff will work fine on my iPad then. Well, maybe that would be the best thing I could do now. I will just bring the iPad to iOs store then.

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P&G Everyday Me: Downy Baby Gentle SAMPLES

Yay! Something just got arrived in our doorstep! Look here below!

P&G Everyday Me: Downy Baby Gentle SAMPLES

It’s the Everydayme P & G Downy Baby Gentle samples! Smiley

I honestly did not expect these samples to arrive early as I assumed. So I just can’t stop myself from opening the envelope right away after the postman handed this to me.

Anyway, I am not used in using any fabric conditioners such as downy in our clothes since my little man had allergies to it. I found this out when I tried putting one on his clothes when he was still infant and he suffered itchiness all over his skin covered with the newly washed clothes applied with fabric conditioner. However, now that he is already turning 3, I am assuming that his immune system now is mature enough in fighting for these allergens. What I mean is, with these sample products, I might try to use these to find out if my little man is still allergic to fabric conditioners or not.

I will sure to share the results in both to the clothes and in to my baby’s skin after using this fabric conditioner, downy.

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Golf Carts Are Not Just For Golf

It may come to you as no surprise that the number one use of golf carts is to play golf. However, did you know that according to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch nearly 40% of all golf carts are purchased for uses that have no relation to the game of golf? Golf carts are small, economical and very adaptable to a wide range of transportation needs. Here are the top non-golf uses for golf carts.

Movement Between Buildings

It is not uncommon to have situations where there are buildings that people need transportation between for the purposes of business, construction or leisure. There may also be places such as large warehouses where traditional vehicles can’t operate. However, a little golf cart can scoot around with minimal trouble and delay. If the cart is electric, as many are, then you can further save on fuel expenses.

Golf Carts

College Campuses

Many colleges and universities are located on sprawling, pedestrian friendly campuses. However, those characteristics also make them hard to navigate quickly when the need arises. That’s so not just because of their size, but because of all the pedestrians in the way. A nimble little golf cart can be just the thing for when security or other needs require moving around campus quickly and safely.

Farming and Gardening

Farms are by their very nature generally big, spread out spaces that require moving significant distances from one part of the farm to the other. A golf cart can be easier and less expensive to operate than driving a truck around the farm all day. In addition, even a small time gardener may benefit from having a golf cart when attending to chores such as spreading mulch or transporting gardening tools.

Disability Transportation

People who have limited mobility due to physical disabilities may find a golf cart the perfect means of transportation, especially for navigating through areas where larger motor vehicles would be impractical or difficult to operate.

Before purchasing a golf cart for one of these unorthodox uses, make sure you have access to the right parts for repair. If your golf cart is made by Yamaha, make sure you have access to Yamaha golf cart parts. Golf carts can be put to a diverse range of uses, so never rule out that you may one day buy one, even if you never play golf.

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Little Guitarist

My little man has been fascinated lately to musical instruments specifically the guitar. So I intentionally brought him to an American thrifty shop in the locality just expecting that we could both bring home some goodies.

Little GuitaristImage from

Indeed, we found a toy guitar. Since we just had it from a thrifty store, one could expect it worn out but it wasn’t. It is still good and of quality. It is somehow an electric one, like the db electric, since it is battery-operated. It produces a lot of music aside from when you string it. It has built-in music installed that every kids would surely love.

I will share some images of my little man soon as I can capture one. Now that he’s growing fast, he’s becoming really camera-conscious than before and it’s difficult to take a good shot.

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