Father’s Love

Today marks the second month after my father died. I honestly until now still can’t accept the fact that he has left us for reasons that up to now, we all do not know and sometimes I do ask God why He took my dad’s life as early as this? But I am sure also that all of these are for His good plans to us — better ones for us. What we just hope and pray is for us to be strong enough to face every battle of our lives without my dad.

For now, here’s a good song sang by a local artist which I loved to listen at, especially now that dad left us. This one’s also is what I wished to learn to play with a guitar, maybe with the lowest priced guitar. LOL!

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He leaves us…

My world turned into dark and grey when I first knew that my dad left us. I was actually on duty that time and when I read the message on my mobile phone, I honestly do not know how and what to react since all of the nurses were looking after me just after we had rounds with our patients.

I can’t tell more about what happened to me nor to my dad because the image above can explain it more than I could utter a word.

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When Blogs Forgotten…

If only my blogs have mouth to shout at me or hands to punch me out, I think they already did few months back because I almost forgotten that I have blogs to update and needed a time to check on by.


One of the reasons why I can’t spare a time for my blog is that my break time or if I got to have a free day, I just spend every second of it playing and catching up taking care with my only son. When he got asleep, of course I need to have my sleep also because I seldom catch an hour of sleep especially when I am on duty.

But I guess, my blogs would surely understand me if they got a mind and heart to listen and see me how I work now. Rest assured, I am still assuring them to be safe under my hosting server. At least, they still are alive and kicking.

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Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

I just so surprised when I got a package — a huge package to be exact, this morning. It’s actually bigger and wider than me and I can’t fully extract or even squeeze out from my mind what possibly the inside of the said package.

Large Package

With my excitement, I didn’t wait a second to stay the package unboxed, so I immediately grabbed and opened it then. To my surprise, indeed a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for 2014 for me, a complete sound system for our audio visual room with a pmp4000 from guitar center.

See? It’s one of the things I didn’t expect to receive this year. So now, I could tell that our dream audio and visual room will be realized after months of planning and deciding of what and how to begin composing for our home.

Sound System

Just then and then, I installed the new sound system, but when I turned it on, it suddenly woke me up from my deepest sleep. I then just realized everything were just a dream yet. But it’s not something I could lament for since I know myself that sooner or later, my dream audio visual room will then be realized.

Though it was not the perfect Valentine’s Day gift yet, but at least the perfect Valentine’s day dream. LOL!

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Healing Power of Silver

All these years I thought that jewelries are just meant to complete our fashion sense or outfit of the day, not until I have read somewhere that majority of the metals we have the healing power and helps improve our health.

Don’t you know ladies that if you wear jewelries like for example silvers from Williams Jewelers, you will enjoy a calmed nerves if wearing it on your neck. If you want to constantly energize your heart, wearing a silver jewelry on your left little finger will do the job. On the other hand, if you want to remove excess energy you have, just wear a silver jewelry on your ring finger either on your right or left hand.

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