No birthday celebration

I have just mentioned in one (1) of my blog posts this month that November is my birthday month but I do not know yet how will I celebrate my big day. The very reason for this is because of the very limited fund. This time around, being a mother and a wife, I need of course, to prioritize what needs to be prioritize especially that we are moving to our new house which is a new abode for good for us. It is definitely a very tight-pocket days for us these month.

Happy Birthday To Me

Honestly, most of the time this time around I already been thinking of applying for cash advances. In fact, I have just checked if this one is the right fit where I can lend some bucks from. Sometimes, I could even think of lending from a small-scale lending group just to compensate what our family needs. This is because only my hubby is earning regularly and that we have a lot of stuff to pay every month such as bills, and even the house monthly amortization plus our food to eat every day.

Isn’t this a very brain-exploding and a mind-bubbling situation right?

But of course, when it comes to celebrating a birthday, I am pretty sure that it is not only the money where we should depend on how to celebrate a big day. Even just in a little dinner preparation, I think, I could make my birthday and thanksgiving a great one. Although, we cannot deny that this still need to spend some bucks, even just a few bucks. Isn’t it?

Moreover, there are in fact a lot of more memorable ways to make a celebration such wondrous and worth looking back especially now that I am much happier with my family seeing my little man growing healthily and living what I had been praying for him, for my husband — for our relationship, for my mom, for my sisters, and to my friends as well. Being with them on this special day of mine, having me and my family in a very good health situation, I think these are just some that we need to be thankful for and of course, for the added fruitful years to my life that the Lord has given me.

To everybody who wants to celebrate this birthday with me, thank you. Happy birthday to me!

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Being an online shopper, it has been an attitude to always check for discounted and on promo or on sale items before I tick in the checkout button. This is for me, of course, to save some pennies which I think not just my mind set but to everybody as well.

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Enjoy shopping everyone!

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November 13, 2015 is ‘Friday the 13th’

Try to check your calendars and I’m pretty sure you will see that today, November 13, 2015 is ‘Friday the 13th’. Isn’t it?

November 13, 2015 is ‘Friday the 13th’

But why does many considers Friday the 13th as a day that everybody needs to be careful of?

I personally do not understand this one also. But what I have read online from the internet articles is that this superstition started in a documented biography of Gioachino Rossini which stated that he regarded Friday as an unlucky day and the number thirteen is the unlucky number also. It is there also it was stated that he died on the Friday the 13th of November.

Other than which I stated above, I haven’t ready anything more. And I am not sure if the one above are true or otherwise.

But whether the above stuff are true or not, what is more important is how we make ourselves believe on this superstition. For me, I still and always believe in the guidance of our Lord and I do believe also that whatever happens to me, not just on the ‘Friday the 13th’, but everyday are what the Lord God has guided me. And so, I do believe that everything, with His will, happens for a reason and that, we just have to always offer ourselves to Him — always pray and have faith with Him.

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November 11, 2015 is Lazada’s Biggest Online Sale of the Year

I am not a shopaholic but if given enough bucks to shop until I get bored, surely then, I won’t turn that offer than. As a famous line goes, opportunity knocks only once. So why not grab it?

Anyway, talking about shopping, today, November 11, 2015 is Lazada’s Biggest Online Sale of the Year as they offer great discounts and promos on almost all of their items.

November 11, 2015 is Lazada’s Biggest Online Sale of the Year

I am not sure if they offer free shipping on their items but what I am certain more is they have available cash on delivery option which I found more convenient as I do not have a credit card and not all of the time I have bucks in my debit visa card.

Guys, enjoy your shopping!

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It’s my birthday month!

It’s the 11th month of the year and I am feeling ecstatic to live each day of this month as it is my birthday month. Smiley I do not want to have do a countdown before my big day, but rather to think and live just like a birthday celebration everyday until my birthday. Isn’t that exciting to think of? However, it would be much more exciting if you will send over a cake whenever you like! 😀

it's my birthday month

As of the writing of this blog, I have no idea on how to celebrate my birthday. Of course, offering a thanksgiving mass should not be missed. What I meant of celebration is if ever I need to throw a party or what. Or maybe, I will just prepare some food for dinner and will probably just invite some friends. But that is not sure yet. I really do not know by now. But one thing’s for sure, everything will depend on my pocket. :p

Moreover, guys, if you’re too serious or will be serious to celebrate with me on my birthday, do not hesitate to send me cake whenever you like this month. Thank you so much in advance!

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