Shopping for Toy Cars

My little man is growing up so fast that he’s able to identify what toys to grab in the toy shop every time I and hubby brought him in the malls. More often than not he stopped by at the big toy cars section where really big toy cars are displayed — those that can even accommodate him, he can manipulate the car while riding.

One time, he was testing one of those big cars and while riding on that car, one of the wheels detached and he was almost thrown sideward. He was like shocked after I was able to shout when that thing happened. I just asked for new item then to have my son test. But the shop attendants were nervous that they just pointed, showed and talked about a ball bearing drawer slides here which confused me. But lucky enough, son wasn’t badly hurt and he just smiled when a new toy car was showed to him.

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FEB-Ibig 2015

It is always the best thing to celebrate special occasions with loved ones especially with your own family. Although my hubby is not around and I am just with me my only son for now, it is not a reason not to celebrate Valentine’s day anymore. It is in fact a very reason to make this day a such memorable one because this is my second year celebrating this hearts’ day being a wife and a mother as one.

Gagay Dinampo Happy Valentine's Day

However, I still can’t prepare myself a bountiful table for my own family the same as the past years because of my duties in the hospital. I just opted to buy them something to grab for tonight’s celebration. But well, at least, I still able to prepare for our table.

The only thing I am very much thankful for now is the love I always give and forever will have to my son and my family and the love they also give to me which are all priceless.

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Happy 58th Birthday Mom!

It’s my mom’s 58th birthday today Smiley and obviously, it’s something to call for a celebration. Smiley Although I am literally distant with my mom physically, but my heart says am just an inch away from her because we will be celebrating here in our place her birthday with my little man.

Anyway, my sister at home prepared something for her on this special day. And she brought this mouth-watering cake for mom. Look at the image below.

Gagay Dinampo 58th Birthday Cake

Happy happy birthday mom!!! As I always do, I wish and pray you good health and continued shower of blessings from our Lord God above. We love you Ma!!!

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Playing the Pedal

One day I brought my little man to a musical instrument stores. It wasn’t actually for him why we dropped by but for me to check for some drums my mom asked me to check on by. While I was talking to the sales attendant, I didn’t notice that my son went to the big drums sections and played the pedal then. All of us then inside the store were shocked as we hear a big sound from that area.


Good thing all the attendants were good and just understood how my little kid did. He actually played with the dub dub 3k pedal which I never thought that expensive if it happened that my son was able to break that thing off.

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Christmas 2014 Lunch-Out

I decided to have the family to have lunch-out instead of having us a table-full on this Christmas day because I honestly do not have enough time to prepare like doing the grocery and cooking and all.

Christmas 2014 at Sambo Kojin

And to my surprise, I didn’t expect they loved the treat I did.

I actually brought them to Sambo Kojin — Yakiniku Smokeless Grill. It was the family’s first time to dine there so I didn’t expect if they would love it. And boom!!! They really did!

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