Pet Medicines

It’s good to have pets at home. But it’s definitely not for me since I left my pet, Kenet, in our house in the province because no one’s gonna look after him if she’ll be here with me. Surely, with the duty schedules I have, I cannot monitor her foods and even her grooming. Now that she’s with my mother at home, at least I am calm enough to leave Kenet with her.

Pet Medicines

One thing I don’t want pets to experience is being sick. They really are helpless. Most often times they don’t bark, for dogs, so to pet owners, it’s really a big weight then. Having them drink their medications is also a big problem. And most of all, the cost of sending them to hospitals or pet clinics causes our pocket to be broken. But good enough, any pet owner can buy pet medicines online now at

I am just hoping no serious health conditions my pet Kenet will experience.

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Free Shipping Online Shopping

Who doesn’t shop online for any goodies? I guess nothing. I am pretty sure, even once in our life, we had tried online shopping then especially if those online shops offer free shipping. Isn’t that a good deal? And here’s more that we, shopaholics, are always waiting for, the promos and the discounted offers those shops offer.


Free Shipping Online Shopping

Even though these online shops offer great treat for every shoppers, it isn’t always a good idea to just merely shop online without checking how reliable online shops are. We should always make it a point that all online shops we are stopping by to spend our pennies are legitimate and very well-trusted so for us not to cry over spilled milk then.

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Mom’s Insomnia Issues

Lately, I am getting more alarmed about mom as she been complaining more for insomnia issues that she’d been experiencing lately. She used to sleep at around 1 o’clock in the morning and then wake up by 3 AM. She only received approximately 2 hours of sleep only.

I wonder what causing her insomnia because I am pretty sure she doesn’t drink soda or any caffeinated drinks that could make one alive and kicking the whole night. I just wonder!

But what I am concerned more is the possibility of her blood pressure to increase then if this situation of hers would continue then. I hope she could find her best hour of sleep especially at night and so she could make up with her insomnia then.

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Happy Teacher’s Day 2014 to the BEST Teacher in the World!!!

I could not thanked for more to God but having me the best teacher in the world — my mom, of course!

Best Teacher in the World

My mom used to teach everything that goes around with numbers. But of course, the best teachings she taught were not inside the four corners of the school classrooms, but rather inside our own house — in our home.

Thank you so much best teacher for everything you’ve taught, not just to your students and co-teachers, but to your own children too!

We love you Ma!

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JOYS of being a MOM

There’s no any words that can describe the feelings of being a mom — a mom. In fact, being one is such a priceless choice, decision and a new life to start with. Although there are times that our little ones getting naughty which causing us to have sleepless nights, the perks are still unequivocal of those stuff.

And what are those?

Just take a look at our image below.

The JOY of being a MOM

That is just one of the perks of being a mom — our little ones are surely to give us smiles that are definitely more precious that golds and diamonds. Seeing my baby, Zach, even after my 30-hour duty, all the tiring duties had gone.

Definitely, there were other stuff to replace the joys and goodness brought by being a mom.

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