Free Orchestra Music Online

When I know I was pregnant, I started listening to classical music specifically those that are played orchestra-like. I do believe that listening to such music provides significant benefits to my adorable one inside and to me as well as it relaxes me also.

Free Orchestra Music Online

But since I was still attending school and going to hospital for duties, I just opted to utilize free orchestra music online which I found very cost-effective and handy as it is since I was able to have it everywhere I go as long as I was connected to the internet.

Now that my little man is almost 2 years old, listening to orchestra music is still in me and I guess my baby has been used to this also. He also loves to listen to this kind of music. In fact, when he’s about to sleep any hour of the day, I make sure to turn my playlist on up until he woke up.

I just wish then that I could bring my little man to a 300 orchestra show, live in a musical hall soon as he grows up.

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Happy Mothers Day 2015 Mom and Siblings

I and my siblings are having our own kids already and we all are happy celebrating motherhood, as well as our mom. So today, as the world is celebrating Mothers Day 2015, we are sharing to you this wonderful picture taken last New Year of 2014.

Happy Mothers Day 2015 Mom and Siblings

In the image above, you can see from the left, that is me — I was carrying my 3-month old then little man, Zach. Next to me in there is my elder sister, Wee, cuddling her 10-month old then little lass, Aleeza. Sitting third from left is Didong, my eldest sister’s, Bait, cute man.

I could humbly say that you can see from each of our baby’s eye how we, as mothers, enjoy and love being one. It is because as the saying goes, a fruit bears how the roots being planted. And this also explains also how our mom loved and treasured their kids.

Happy mothers day to my mom and to my siblings. Pardon me if I can’t share a picture of my mom with us because I wasn’t able to find one. LOL.

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Rainy Summer in the Province 2015

For a couple of years that I spent my summer days far from the province, those were perfectly hot and literally summer. This time around that I and my little man is happily spending these summer days here in the province, we are experiencing rainy summer here.

Rainy Summer in the Province 2015

And since it’s a rainy summer and we can do nothing more to enjoy this season, we just opted to let our booties out from our shelves and make the best out of this.

So guys, wherever you are right now spending your summer vacation, enjoy and seize the moment.

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Siblings Day 2015

Happy Siblings Day Everyone!!!

Here below is just two of our photos taken years ago. Well, these are my siblings.

National Siblings Day 2015 Gagay MD Dinampo

National Siblings Day 2015 Gagay Dinampo

Happy Siblings Day guys and enjoy the rest of the day. Let us all be grateful to have our sibling in our side as I do.

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Lenten Season 2015

This Lenten Season, it’s the time of the year that we, especially Roman Catholic believers, to repent and have most of the time spent fasting, praying and realizing with our spiritual stuff. And for this time, from our family, we are extending this great song for Lenten Season with you all. As I always mention before, up until now, I got no complete sound system here in our place, even just a part of it like furman rp8. Eventually, I am just listening this music in my laptop. And I just hope you guys will enjoy this one also.

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