Golf Carts Are Not Just For Golf

It may come to you as no surprise that the number one use of golf carts is to play golf. However, did you know that according to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch nearly 40% of all golf carts are purchased for uses that have no relation to the game of golf? Golf carts are small, economical and very adaptable to a wide range of transportation needs. Here are the top non-golf uses for golf carts.

Movement Between Buildings

It is not uncommon to have situations where there are buildings that people need transportation between for the purposes of business, construction or leisure. There may also be places such as large warehouses where traditional vehicles can’t operate. However, a little golf cart can scoot around with minimal trouble and delay. If the cart is electric, as many are, then you can further save on fuel expenses.

Golf Carts

College Campuses

Many colleges and universities are located on sprawling, pedestrian friendly campuses. However, those characteristics also make them hard to navigate quickly when the need arises. That’s so not just because of their size, but because of all the pedestrians in the way. A nimble little golf cart can be just the thing for when security or other needs require moving around campus quickly and safely.

Farming and Gardening

Farms are by their very nature generally big, spread out spaces that require moving significant distances from one part of the farm to the other. A golf cart can be easier and less expensive to operate than driving a truck around the farm all day. In addition, even a small time gardener may benefit from having a golf cart when attending to chores such as spreading mulch or transporting gardening tools.

Disability Transportation

People who have limited mobility due to physical disabilities may find a golf cart the perfect means of transportation, especially for navigating through areas where larger motor vehicles would be impractical or difficult to operate.

Before purchasing a golf cart for one of these unorthodox uses, make sure you have access to the right parts for repair. If your golf cart is made by Yamaha, make sure you have access to Yamaha golf cart parts. Golf carts can be put to a diverse range of uses, so never rule out that you may one day buy one, even if you never play golf.

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Little Guitarist

My little man has been fascinated lately to musical instruments specifically the guitar. So I intentionally brought him to an American thrifty shop in the locality just expecting that we could both bring home some goodies.

Little GuitaristImage from

Indeed, we found a toy guitar. Since we just had it from a thrifty store, one could expect it worn out but it wasn’t. It is still good and of quality. It is somehow an electric one, like the db electric, since it is battery-operated. It produces a lot of music aside from when you string it. It has built-in music installed that every kids would surely love.

I will share some images of my little man soon as I can capture one. Now that he’s growing fast, he’s becoming really camera-conscious than before and it’s difficult to take a good shot.

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Summer Vacation 2016: Where to go in Indonesia?

I’d been longing to explore Indonesia. Though I know I can’t explore everything in one vacation, but at least I could try then. Some of the places I wanted to visit in Indonesia are the Bandung Rice Terraces, Volcanic Lake Kawah Putih in Mt. Patuha and a lot more. These will just be found and visited around Bandung, Java, Indonesia.

Bandung Java Indonesia Rice TerracesRice Terraces in Bandung, Java, Indonesia (Image from

I can’t say I am an environmentalist but I prefer more to spend a vacation to places like these than just those that are in the malls and big buildings. I am always fascinated with the nature’s great scenery and breathtaking places to stay and meditate at.

This time around, to travel in Indonesia, outside of the country – Philippines, those mentioned above are the best places, for me, to try out. But of course, once I get there, I am sure that there are a lot more to check out.

But before diving myself to those green places to visit, I should have checked the best hotels to stay considering the price and the quality of staycation – that includes sheraton bandung hotel rooms prices that are cheap and affordable. This said hotel is one of the 5-star hotels in the area with a contemporary design. They have swimming pool around the vicinity so when vacationing with a child, there’s no hassle to spend the little ones to swimming for an hour or so.

One thing that I am worried for now with this planned Indonesia summer vacation and that is the passport of my little one as he has no passport yet. Hopefully we can claim it before April ends and plan the vacation then.

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Event Internet

A major concern for planners will be finding an event business internet provider. At this point, every industry and business depends to a large extent on the internet. The kind of connection you have arranged will be a major factor in how participants experience your event. A reliable and robust connection is essential.

Trade Show Internet

Trade Show Internet provides internet services across the country. They have both event-wide solutions and the 4G kit for individual participants. They also provide bandwidth services, from small, cellular networks to fiber-optic technology. Having appropriate bandwidth technology is essential to making your internet solution work properly.

Trade Show Internet’s CONNECT service for event planners includes the premier Xirrus internet system. This unique system has a 360 degree design, to provide a strong WiFi signal indoors and out. The CONNECT service also includes the on-site Network Operation Center, for real-time monitoring and to provide an on-site headquarters for help services.

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First Cashback Payout from

Shopping is, undeniably, one of my destressants. Why I love even more now is the fact that I can just go shopping even just I am at home. Online shopping, it is! And the best thing of online shopping is when you get more savings as to your transportation, time and effort, money spent since promos and discount codes are available to use, and last but not the least reason, is the cashback you will receive. I just actually received my cashback from

Here below are images proving my cash back payout transactions.

Shopback.PH Redeemable Amount

I actually have a total cashback of 1,248.27 PhP from my online shopping via at since August 2015.

ShopBack.PH Cashback Processing

From the image above, you can see that I just recently processed my cashback for payout.

ShopBack.PH Payout Processing

There are actually a number of ways to receive your payout. But I chose the most convenient means to me – withdrawing my payout thru my Union Bank Eon Account. At least, anytime then I can check the transaction online.

As you can see from above, I processed the payout yesterday, March 03, 2016 and it is expected that my payout will be reflected and received in my bank account on or not later than March 21, 2016.

If you guys wanted to have cashback while shopping, head on to my previous post on how to have this, Shop Online and Get Cashback from

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