Shop at and Get Cash Back with ShopBack.PH

I won’t deny it, I am an online shopper.

Since ONLINE SHOPPING has been established with ingenuity and trustworthiness in the Philippines, I, myself, also entrust my online account to a number of online shops including my credit information. This includes

Lazada Shopping

One thing I love from online shopping is that it really saves time from going to the physical mall. Yes, it is true, as what many said, that you cannot fit yourself the stuff you wanted to buy, you cannot check the items, but what I usually do is to make sure the details of every item are exact and correct according to my preferences. So far, I have no regrets in my shopping experiences with It is even better and addictive to shop as everytime I go shopping, I always have a cash back thru

You might be asking how? Well, it is just so simple. Follow the following steps:

  1. Click this link, ShopBack.PH and create your profile. In my case, I just used as a sign up profile my Facebook account. It is just one click, and you will have your profile ready then.
  2. Once you have created your profile, you can browse ShopBack.PH for many online shops such as, Ensogo, Zalora and many more.
  3. Every time you go shopping to any online shops, you have to log in first in your ShopBack.PH account and thru there, you have to click the online shops and you will be redirected to that website for you to shop.

Once you checked out your item, paid and confirmed, an email will be sent to you as a receipt of your shopping as well as your cash back from ShopBack.PH.

As high as 15% of your total cost will be back to you once you go shopping to many online shops via ShopBack.PH. So what are you waiting for? Click ShopBack.PH and start shopping to get your cash back then.

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Which Nationality Do You Look Like?

I seldom try Facebook app name or profile picture games. However, this one made me curious enough to try my name, my picture on it.

So, I just did.

Which Nationality Do You Look Like?

To my nerves, I was totally in shock. How come this app could say that? What are the basis then? Smiley

Anyway, I enjoyed playing this one. At least, somehow, I got some looks from the French. Smiley

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Happy 59th Birthday Ma!

My Mom is just so awesome that even though she is 59, she still looks younger than her age. She’s gracefully celebrating God’s gift of life for her, for us and to everyone around her and so thankful for all the blessings, good health, including finances and everything that we cannot mention and measure. And of course, for the love that we, her children, grandchildren and in-laws are showering to her.

Happy 59th Birthday Ma!

Ma, on this big day of yours, even though I, Tonton and Mark, cannot physically attend and celebrate with you at home, you know that in our hearts, you are always loved much more than just simply celebrating your day today. We supposed to fly there, but sadly we cannot because of some inevitable circumstance. And the cake that I baked for you, maybe we will just slowly eat this and wait for you by Wednesday to come and let’s together share this God’s blessings for us.

Happy happy birthday, once again Ma! We love you always!!!

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Online Learning with

With the advent of technology and in the worldwide internet access, even jobs can be done at home and get well-paid. There are a number of online jobs related to writing, editing, managerial jobs, teaching and tutorial, and of course, IT-related ones. Almost everything when it comes to jobs and earning money can be done online or at home with internet connection.

This fact is also true when it comes to getting a diploma or earning a certificate and achieving a marketable degree which is comparable enough in getting a highly paid online and at home jobs. I have actually known several friends of mine who happen to just continue their schooling online and were able to gain titles, received their certificates and being hired for a stable, permanent online jobs. Accordingly, the best thing for choosing online certificates and training as well as jobs is that they still have enough time for their loved ones and also, they do not need to suffer from the heavy traffic of the busy city lives.

One of the online learning and training company which offers training and career development programs that are technology-based IT, Business Skills, Cyber Security and Project Management is the

Career Academy offers a highly in-demand IT-related courses today in the cyber world. It has an Online Learning Membership program with an affordable annual learning membership fee. With this membership fee, every learner has the access to over 1100 IT and business skills programs, career certification video training courses with University Certificates of Completion. Each member can also earn up to 257 PDUs, 30 College Credits and more.

Isn’t this exciting? Right. :)

Here’s more reason to enroll in They have a Member Referral Program which enables one to earn $10 USD for every new member sign up and able to complete their membership process. One can also get an additional $50 USD as a bonus for every 10 sign ups that you refer in a calendar month.

Here’s a sample computation of the referral program. For example, your total referral for the month is 10, so you will receive a commission payment of 10 x $10 = $100 plus $50 bonus, that would be $150. If you happen to have 20 referrals, then you will receive a commission payment of $300 USD and so on.

Basically, aside from learning in, one can also earn.

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To get fit real soon!

I could still remember those days before I knew I was pregnant for my little Zach, I was into getting fit like a 10 to 30-minute treadmill twice a day, 30-minute zumba session every day and two to three times a week jog and run in the oval near the apartment where I stayed. But when I confirmed that I was pregnant, I need to change my lifestyle as it put me and my baby in danger.

Fit WomanImage from

And the worse thing, I guess it is the worse, was I can’t do even one of those mentioned above again after I gave birth and until now. Of course, I do not need to blame my little man but myself alone. I know there are mothers out there who ca make themselves fit after pregnancy. What I can think the problem is that I could not steal a time or two because I am still breastfeeding now. I actually tried zumba, but every time my Zach sees me starting to dance, he’s getting anxious and asking then to breastfeed.

Oh well, sooner or later, I know I can manage this one and will start to get fit. I wish to bring those packed firm and lean abdominal muscles before. This is because it is undeniable that after pregnancy I got some stretched marks and stretched abdominal skin. And I want these to wave goodbye to me. I might as well try simultaneously with my exercises some supplements which I found online, and you also can visit here and have time to share your ideas about this which you can leave as comment below.

Hopefully I will be successful in this getting fit journey of mine though I am still breastfeeding my little one.

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