Simple Events and Party Organizer

Events and parties, be it just a simple one or not, need to be celebrated memorably that is like the end of the world. There is no need to throw up a really costly one, but just an affordable and a pocket-friendly one is enough.

In these times when we all have a tight budget for an event, we seldom end up thinking of the idea of “this would be enough” which is actually if we will dig  down to our resources, we can actually make a simple events and party real extravagant without spending much. This is what I am planning to utilize this coming 3rd birthday of my little man, Zach.

I will be an instant simple event and party organizer!

Events and Party Organizer

Some of the simple innovations one can make is instead of using or opting to rent a projector which is really costly, why not use a simple TV monitor at home or an event 20 20 monitor then? In terms of utensils, instead of buying disposable materials, better use what is already available in the kitchen like spoon, fork, plates and cups. And the best thing of all, for simple events, we can have the party at home. It is way cheaper than renting an events place where additional costs for tables, chairs and other decorations are needed. This is very applicable if we expect guests of only less than 50.

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Music Store

Music is the song of the soul. It’s even more meaningful and soulful to listen when played beautifully by a professional and trained musical instrumentalist with a heart.

I have one close friend who used to have a music school. Her husband used to be a band instrumentalist and just not too long ago they decided to put up their own music studio or school to cater kids and adults who would love to learn any instruments they are offering. The studio is a bit far from my place so I can’t send my little man out there. But when the couple decided to add more instruments for their studio, I did not hesitate to accompany them.

It wasn’t my first time to hop for musical instruments but I was just surprised how they really dedicate their lives teaching and sharing their talents on music, as we chat. They even have students who suffer from ADHD and that music is one of their therapy and perhaps the reason why those kids were enrolled in their studio.

Talking more about instruments, the couple is really fascinated with music that upon entering the store, they really knew where and what to pick up from hundreds of instruments being displayed in front of us.

Music Store

Indeed the day was great as we had to talk and share thoughts as we used to do before. The couple has bought 2 different types of musical instruments. Tiring but the experience was great. I even threw them a joke telling them the next time they need a new instruments they better look for one online, order and shop there like that of the musicians friend. But the couple asked me where can they fine musicians friend locations as they really wanted to try and test the physical instrument before grabbing one.

*Image above is not mine.

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Happy Birthday Mama Mary!

It’s Mama Mary’s birthday today! A day to celebrate Her unending love and motherly care to us.

Happy Birthday Mama Mary

Mama Mary, I know I am not as often as I could pray for You but You know in my heart that You are always praised and loved. I will always be grateful and faithful of Your love to me.

Thank you so much Mama Mary for all the help and guidance to me and my family and friends.

Forever grateful, Gagay.

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Shopping for Karaoke

Songs to SingSince I’ve decided to work at home – online, for me to have more time with my precious boy, I have no other stress-relieving stuff to do at home but to sing. I do not have musical instruments my own here, but rather utilizing online youtube videoke instead.

Sometimes, I get bored with all these youtube videos, I got to think of acquiring a home theater and a karaoke set. I prefer to have the cheaper one because I do not have enough budget. Sure thing, it won’t sound like those instruments from wood wind and brass wind but at least I can stress-relieve myself.

Since I do not have much time and the courage to go to the malls, I am thinking of shopping a karaoke online. But still, I am not certain with this idea since a lot of my friends advised me to try those karaoke units before paying. So better yet shopping for one at the mall instead.

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My Dad’s supposed to be 62nd birthday

Every 19th of August, I always feel sorrowful as I could always remember what happened to my dad and also, celebrating his birthday without him is always heart-wrenching.

Today is supposed to be his 62nd birthday but he, instead, celebrate it in heaven.

My Dad's supposed to be 62nd birthday

For you Pa, always remember that I always love you and miss you. How I wish that you are still here celebrating with us — singing, eating, enjoying and living the life to its fullest. But anyhow, happy happy birthday Pa! We love you always!

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