I am fondly called GAGAY.
I am independent.
I stand to what I feel is right.
I can stand out in a crowd..absolutely, knows how to have fun.
Very passionate.
Friendly. Never chose whom to be with.
I could even be your bestfriend, your shoulder, your crying hanky or even your pocket.
Easily put trust into someone. But, never play games with me, I am definitely very dangerous.
Just beware. Once you hit me, prepare!
I love cooking. I am a bit food conscious – low saturated fats, high in carbohydrates with
high in protein foods.
Loves preparing deserts but not choco-filled foods. I hate chocolates. It triggers my migraine.
But I like coffee most.
I am sporty. I play basketball, tennis, softball.
I love to dance and sing but never loves music.
Beaches are where my spare times were spent.
Aside from writing, photography makes my world somehow complete.
I am not into reading. I am damn lazy in comes to reading books.
I am emotional and temperamental, sometimes.
I have a very soft tear bags. I easily cry.
Listener. But, needs to be listened too.
Understanding, yet needs to be understood as well.
I wanted to be a teacher but my mom won’t allow me to.
My mom wanted me to be a doctor while my dad wants me to be a lawyer.
I have studied biological sciences. A nature-lover where most of my hang-outs are mountains and beaches. However, I am more interested in computer and internet stuffs [an online game addict]. Well then, I am a Biologist and not an Environmentalist.

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