I guess I just deserve these things happening to me now.. Hoping to cope how life has driven me in this way.. hurts a lot.. I don’t know why.. Honestly, I was the one who decided everything (to pause or say to stop what we had..), but it turns out that I am the most affected.. It drains me.. I bleed.. I became dry.. Chilling.. I don’t exactly know and can’t figure out the feelings which sucks me alot.. I hit my own happiness.. It’s like getting a knife and slowly killing myself (sigh).

I was happy with him, and surely, I could say, that he was, as well.. I thought he could be my last guy.. He was the one who perfectly (just for me..) made my days with him amazingly awesome.. We had misunderstandings (a common thing in a relationship..), but we used to get out of those.. We had all the memories (either good or bad – that could make our relationship better, if to work everything well..), but all turned into nothing.. Hahay (sigh).

(can’t wirite any further..bleeding..)

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