..needs silence.

..i know and i am pretty sure that all of these [shitty and everything..] are all just, say, some patches of my boring, busy, pressured and eventually hell life in yu-pi (UP – University of the Philippines).. Well, anybody can express freely whatever they feel..and I am just doing such..

In the first place, I can’t find any wrong with this (I mean, admiring him..yeah! he got the looks..and that’s it..) I know (and I am very much aware – I am awake), we are too far from each other, and one thing I can assure for everybody, I DIDN’T LOOK for anything else that could compensate for whatever they [I mean, to anybody..to the people around us..] see with me now, for one simple reason.. I am pretty sure of what and who I am to people I am with..

I don’t want that THIS would create a gap between us [between the freshies and us – the seniors].. I want, hopefully, to have a genuine friendship to all the freshies who would want me to be their friend as well.. Oooppss.. I am not forcing and demanding anybody for me to be one of your flocks.. Its your [us..] choice, after all..

Honestly, I am happy and so glad that I had met you [all of you..].. I don’t want to leave the university [very soon :)] with this shitty thing being planted in everybody’s mind [especially for YOU and to all YOUR flocks..].. I hate to see you [all of you] being such and I don’t want that to happen.. I want you to remember me as one of your senior friends whom you could rely on anytime.. Just that and only that.. No more.. No less!

God speed everybody..

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