Still Bleeding and Lost

..everyday, as I woke up from bed, I always remember those days that we were together..the korniest jokes I had that you were always been tickled with..the funniest (only the two of us claimed those were funny things..jejeje..) though sometimes embarrassing moments we had, which made the bond we had before such strong but came to the point to hieghtened its temperature that it just melted easily, unnoticeably!..

..your smiles, laughs, everything in you – things I admitedly been dyingly missing now..hahay (sigh).. the time I was almost to put myself into nothing, you were the only one to make it grew as it was were almost my enzyme, in all the metabolic processes in me.. you were my only fan even when I almost to put you down, you were there taking a look at me when to catch me.. you never failed to let me realize how life seems so wonderful and amazing having you in my life.. you made my life more and more meaningful..

..but, where are these things now?

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