Parasitology Information Drive

The information drive was very successful. We met what we had expected. Though there were some, just some, lapses..the program still proceeded and succeeded. Hooooooooooooh! We enjoyed very much the program. XIO and ACE gave the lecture fot the 300 pupils from grades 4 to 5. I (GAGAY) and CHERRY hosted the games (first game was the pera o kuto..bring me..message relay). I was the one also who opened the forum (the question and answer portion for the speakers/lecturers). Infairness, the pupils gave senseful questions. AEIA and ANGEL were the masters of ceremony. These were the busy people during the program. Off course, the drive would not be successful without other committee staffs.. DYAN was the communication committee chair, I was the one for the games (prices) and I also assisted CHERRY for the preparation of the foods..AEIA for the program together with ANGEL..KLIENDIO, APRIL and JILAH prepared for the stage and for the restoration of things after the program..RAMON shouldered the transportation..ANGELO was assigned for the microscopes which were used during the program where pupils can look for microscopic details of head lice..he was the one also in charged for the LCD and the laptop we used was his also..DONNA and FAITH were the one busy computing for the money. They were the one responsible for the budgeting and financing of everything. BioS (Biological Society of the University of the Philippines Mindanao) helped and cooperated with us also. They supported us financially and during the program, some BioS members, aside from those Parasitology Class members, were present. Some of which were SCOTT, NINA and CLARIZA. CLARIZA was our official camerawoman that time. NINA took our photos and SCOTT was the guard for our food. And off course, our professor, PROF. CHERYL TALDE. She was the one who encouraged us and taught us everything.

In behalf of the Parasitology Class, I would like to thank those people who helped and supported us. Dr. and Dr. Emmanuelle del Fierro, Dr. Rivera, Kristian Masacupan, BioS Members, Freshmen BS Biology Students in UPMin, Ate Malou (of photocopy center) and Kuya Jephuneh..thank you..thank you..thank you for everything! We owe the success of our program in you. (for those not mention, pardon me..and kindly buzz me to acknowledge those..)

And most of all, to our ALMIGHTY GOD and MAMA MARY.. for the guidance, health, intelligence, knowledge..and everything! Without You, we are nothing.

Ad Jesium per Mariam!

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