Revival: Love ko UP Mindanao Movement

The Revival of the Love ko UPMin Movement
The present chancellor of UP in Mindanao, Gilda C. Rivero, known for her vicious and oppressive management style, has undoubtedly caused the mass resignation of a number of key personnel and the mass leaving of several faculty members from the University.
The present chancellor has also terminated a number of personnel whom she believes are not supportive of her administration.
Just to give you a picture of how this chancellor manages, or for that matter, mismanages people, she is the kind of head who often scolds, often due to petty reasons, people from the top level of vice chancellors and deans down to the level of utility persons. She treats people authoritarian-like as if they were in her direct employ, and not as colleagues. She strips people (University officials included) of their dignity whenever she scolds them.
During the graduation rites in April, she reportedly admonished the graduation committee for failing to provide her the kind of water she wanted. Instead of scolding her executive assistant, who receives honorarium for doing personal assistance work for her (charged to University funds, mind you!), she vented her ire at the graduation committee.
During the opening program of the sports fest, she started off by delivering a litany of scoldings only because she was not informed by her Vice Chancellor for Administration / OIC of School of Management that she was supposed to wear a certain shirt color! The festive sports fest atmosphere, attended by all the University constituents, was immediately transformed into a preachy Sunday-like sermon. She was supposed to officially open the sports fest but she literally “killed” the festive spirit.
Another incident as conveyed by a faculty member is when she embarrassed a utility person in front of faculty members having a meeting with her because she was served coffee using unmatched cup and saucer! Talk about obsessive compulsiveness! According to a medical dictionary, it is a sign of mental disorder! And if a University is run by a person manifesting its symptoms, then for sure you know what follows next.
Recently, a blind item came out in the local papers in Davao alleging that this new chancellor partied at a hotel in Davao City by spending more than P700T, charged to University funds. The night after the party, she allegedly called up her budget officer/accountant late in the evening to ask for additional money because the P20K she was given to party out with her visitors was not enough. Juan dela Cruz’s taxes, paid through his sweat and blood, is used to party out with friends!
That party was supposedly her investiture. In other UP campuses, an investiture is held economically, without much pomp and pageantry. Shouldn’t the Commission on Audit look into this excessiveness?
Another reported abuse was when she rented a car one weekend when she was still a vice chancellor (again, charged to University funds!) and used it for personal reasons, that is, shopping at the mall! To rebut this allegation, she forced her staff to issue a statement to the effect that they committed a mistake in charging the cost of the car rental to the University! Her fearful staff of course obligingly followed.
This does not only prove that she abuses the use of University funds. It also shows that she is very adept at manipulating people to serve her own purpose. Her unit heads, when she was still a vice chancellor, are no strangers to her manipulative techniques, as they had been asked themselves to also issue statements to support her claims on certain University issues.
Recently, she has been pressuring some people to cut off the employment contract of a former student regent who voted against her chancellorship last February. Talk about vindictiveness! This new chancellor has loads of it!
As a matter of fact, she also vindictively removed the former budget officer from office and transferred her to a science laboratory.
Her act is not only vindictiveness; it is also an egregious abuse of discretion.
The new chancellor also uses the official vehicle of the University every Sunday to go to church at the Pink Sister in Davao. Isn’t this a blatant form of graft? ABS-CBN, Ombudman and COA where are you?
Supposedly, UP spouses freedom of expression. But where is freedom of expression in the campus? When a group of students posted their comments about the kind of management she has at their freedom wall, it was deliberately removed by one of her staff.
Inasmuch as she stifles the freedom of expression of the students and because of the ineptitude of the present union president (who does nothing to protect the welfare of the union members), this blog ( ) serves as a venue for faculty, staff and students to air their complaints about the vicious and vindictive leadership of the present chancellor.
For postings at this blog, you may email us your complaints at

Let the blogosphere be the answer to the unheard complaints of the Love ko UPMin movement!

From: Love Ko UPMin <>

Date: Sep 27, 2007 3:15 AM

Subject: The Revival of the Love ko UPMin Movement


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