I Blame You NMAT!

..after a brain-cracking, migraine-attacking NMAT (National Medical Admission Test) on Sunday, Dec. 9, 2007, a hot siomai were served for me and mary ann..*sigh* ..checking for any sidewalk gigs at MTS: taboan and kanto bar, sad to say nothing could knock into to let us in.. at exactly 10:36 pm, i got home, clothes unchanged, slept…

..by 4:58 am on the next day (Dec. 10, 2007), i got 6 messages in my mobile phone, oh my gosh! i almost to jump from the waterbed as i read his message, “..goodnight.”

..only if i was not so tired taking the NMAT, i would not be asleep as early as that and maybe i could still reply him.

But, i still got no regrets taking the NMAT this year.. Gracias Dei.

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