A means Approved!

lot of things to associate with A: awesome, A for being a top-ranked, adorable, attractive, alive, etc.. But, I got something else from those. And definitely, very different. As I opened my account this very moment, my blog has been APPROVED by the PayPerPost and it’s really an exciting new challenge for me though I’d been writing for years, but this time, writing for a new cause. It’s not just for school publication, self expression and so on.. But, of more weighed motives.

WRITING is really my passion. I’d love to just seat with pen and paper. Minutes after, one would surely enjoy bundles of stories I had made. But, what gets back to me are only pride, appreciations, smiles, recognitions. Tellin’ you, AM NOT STATIC! I do change. I cannot deny I was just contented before having my name in a news papers and school publications. I do have my plans to have fruitful tomorrow. I guess, this would now be the right time for my pen to hand me back something.

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