..after a stressful and pressureful preparation.

My brother was absolutely very happy with his wedding.. No words could eventually explain how and what he really felt during his wedding..

..by around 6:00 am on Saturday, January 26, 2008, I arrived home. Haggard. Sleepless. Then, I checked if everything were going ok and alright.. Off course, in everything that we do, there are always some lapses but not all. Those were ordinary normal things. We’re humans, prone to commit mistakes.. [sigh].. I took care for some small things disarranged yet..

Around 1:30 pm, we already fetched my brother and took him at the church. Same also with my “soon-to-be sister-in-law“..since the wedding ceremony was scheduled at exactly 2:00 pm. By that exact time, the ceremony started. It just lasted for an hour and 10 minutes. After the rites, the christening of their daughter – DIDANG {only a nickname}, followed.

….hoooh! Almost done and over!

At the reception, which was held in the bride’s residence, a program was done. The usual ceremony, after a wedding rites, there were selling of some food items, the throwing of the bouquet, etc. Funny that my elder sister {BARANG} happened to catch the bouquet. [lol]

..After the hour-long program, we gone home. Slept.

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