..i will be out of town this weekend for the wedding [church wedding] of my brother [that would be this Saturday, January 26, 2008]. Though, i still have my online connection there, am not pretty sure enough to have time to hands on in my computer. Surely, by Monday, January 28, 2008, i will be pinging back with my account.
Am not part of the entourage. I was the one who chose it because i have already experienced being the flower girl, bride’s maid and made of honor. And the funniest thing i could imagine is the bride’s bouquet.. Believing it or not, it was only when i was a flower girl that i didn’t able to catch the bouquet and even for those weddings that i had just been invited. Oh!.. c’mon..What would these mean? just laughing at it..

Anyway, the motif of my brother’s wedding is green (avocado green).. and proudly, i was the one who made their wedding invitation..tsk..tsk..tsk..and even in the design of the flower girls’ gowns.. Actually, i am the wedding planner!

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