Pidjanga, Goby Fishes, in Lake Mainit

January 20, 2008 at exactly 6:47 AM.. legs were ecstatic enough to step LAKE MAINIT..

..and hoooooh! Yes! I really did.. it was the first time ever.. i did not expect, though Lake Mainit (a part of Kicharao, Agusan del Norte) is just a six-hour bus ride from my hometown – Trento, to have felt what only Pidjangas (Goby fishes) could savor into..

Yeah..the trip took almost half day since we were stopping in areas in Agusan del Sur where Sago (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.) is abundant..we sampled some sago..

The lake is surrounded with houses of fishermen who used to fish in the lake. One of the most abundant fish species found in the lake is the Glossogobius giuris, which is also known as the Goby fish, but commonly called PIDJANGA.

That early morning when we got there, the water level in the lake were too high.. and the bangkasof the fishermen were just place beside their houses.. 🙂 One thing I have noticed there were the young boys used to help and do some chores such as fetching their domesticated pigs in the lake and helping their father from fishing. I thought these some scenarios could only be seen in some movies (I really did not expect these things to be in reality..). I happened to talk one of them (the boy wearing orange shirt with yellow sleeves). He told me that he is 8 years old and still in grade 2… “wooow! great!”, that was the only thing in my mind.. imagining how old is he, yet, used to work with his father that early in the morning..

..I was with cheri, my classmate in UP(University of the Philippines Mindanao), sampling goby species that time..and we are thanking those people (especially Ma’am Victoria and the family of Mr. Reluba) who have accommodated and helped us in sampling those freakin’ly dying fishes (hehehe..we used to laugh with our thesis problem..)..

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