The feeling of being in-love AGAIN?!?’s been a while that I’ve been so damn, taking
pace in my life, alone. I could not evenly think
of good things to happen that even in my darkest
corner of the room, I could only think of me and
my self
. Nothing more..Yet, the sun just readily smiled at me one day;
welcoming my day with such sweet hello.. I could
almost think of a fairy tale that is never ending..
I never expected him to light me differently from
those past days.

..i looked at the
mirror, checking my
dream in becoming
true..and this was
what I saw:

..all smile.


I only have one wish.. and it is to have a happier life
ever than before.. I have found my new direction in
him.. But, one thing is always dancing in my mind
cause I know and am very sure that people and even
my family, could hardly accept him..

Well.. good enough for me to have him.. I still don’t
know tomorrow..

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