The Sweet Escape has been almost a year of reminiscing those happy moments with you..I’ve got no idea how you’re doing now and who are you with..I can’t even imagine how well you’re doing with your life now..These
things really bothered me most.. And one thing which always been dancing in my mind is you and you alone! i have heard the song of Gwen Stefani – The Sweeet Escape.. I can always see myself with it.. “How can I have my sweet escape?” from this big world I’ve been into..

..I know you were always there yet you were not around. I am badly missing you. And every time I pace a little in my life, I always have to pause to see you around and tend to move back.. I cannot eventually let you fly in my life..

..well, this was once my choice to let you go..and so I have to be strong in facing this..But, telling you, it’s not really easy. Until now, I really have hard time to think of how to MOVE ON! Imagining you with someone is very tearful thing for me… I do not know! What should I have to do? Shitty!

Anyway..can someone help me realize how to have my sweet escape with this shitty?

Gwen Stefani – The Sweet Escape lyrics

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