UP: I’m almost over you!

Hooooh! I can’t believe am almost in the finishing line conquering UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES MINDANAO [UP]!

But, a very big BUT, in every road towards the highest peak of the mountain, there are piles of rocks ahead of you not knowing when to bump and hit you on. And yes, this is. One cannot assure of the success in the journey of life..

This is really what happened in my stay in UP Mindanao. I have already met different faces of reality either unexpected but intentional or expected but unexpected things. (1) Unexpected, that even I myself did not imagine things to happened yet people around me were doing it intentionally for me. For instance, the help of some [not to mention my close friend [YINYIN] for my thesis study specifically the laboratory works and in the field [KUYA MARK] for sweatily roaching muds, high levels of water, grasses that are taller than me and the kisses of unexpected rainfall. They are just some of the many who I never expected to have hand me help and shoulders though they are also having their very time-croaching schedules as mine. Mmmmmmmm.. the gossips and rumors. I did not expected to flower the very single and weak root of all the hearsays. Friends, TREATED AS BEST AND ENOUGH TO BELOVED AND TRUSTED, who are just having fun of doing such things are, as I could see, letting one heavy big rock from the top to roll over me. Literally, what if it really happened in me? Heavy rocks just suddenly roll in front of me without doing something? What then would happen next? And the worst thing is that those are the people I never expected to do it to me.. [sigh].

(2) I never thought there are still minds and heart open to hear and believe the real deep down in me. They never just easily believe in those talks negatively been uttered about me. Simply because, they are just some of those who never judge the book by its cover. And more, they knew me more than what they have heard. In fact, things have already been proven.

Well..so much with that, I am overly crying hoping to graduate this semester. I am damn been pressured of all the necessary requirements of a graduating student. And telling you, its not that UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES. Added to it, is my course. Bachelor of Science in Biology. [sigh]. As been said, the {University of the Philippines College Admission Test} is very difficult, how much more the four-year stay? :c

Hopefully, with crossed fingers, I got to meet and accomplish all the requirements for me to have my SABLAY {in UP, we do not have TOGA, we only have our SABLAY, a trademark of UP} and DIPLOMA.

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