..waving goodbye.

As the pig waved me sweet goodbye , I remembered all those times he made me cry..that I could even think of no good friend I have met..that no one had ever understood who really am I..that there I found no one to walk into, to cry on, to hug and share my thoughts..that I never thought that considered “my friends” to be my worst enemies and that all I can talk to is only me, myself and I..

I did not regret experiencing those. Besides, I surely dug everything in my heart and mind that there is really no one in this world that we can trust into. I thanked pig a lot. I learned to stay more and more stronger..fighting my everyday stresses, problems and worries..especially in coping up with my very competitive lifestyle (though I did not ever since thought about it..but people made me realize to be such). I am learning to move on and living without thinking of any hassles (not to mention those who have been part of my downfall..). I am not blaming anybody. I knew this was once my life. I have accepted and faced it heartily.

I just wanted to THANKthose people who have been of big part ineverything of me in 2007 (the year of the pig)..

Thank you PEOPLE…
..for helping me build my personality more (I assure you that I became stronger now and have more self-confidence..).
..for all the slap-like words and ideas (that even sometimes made me puzzled of what I unintentionally did..).
..for letting me realized not to trust people easily and again and again (..hoping not to be a victim of self-centered friends :c).
..for all the help in surpassing my weaknesses and sighting more in my strengths.
..for all the good and the bad.. (I tried to recover myself and create a new one).
..above all..to Him.. Ad Jesium Per Mariam..for everything.

For this year, 2008 (year of the rat)..one would see a different me..NOT PHYSICALLY..but, PERSONALLY!

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