..as if we were LICENSED DOCTORS already.

.as part of the requirements in our Zoology 120 (Animal Physiology) Laboratory Class and for the celebration of the 13th UP Min (University of the Philippines Mindanao) founding anniversary, we conducted a two-day outreach program in the college on February 21 and 22, 2008. we did urinalysis, semen analysis, blood typing and blood pressure check upfor the UP Min students, staffs and teachers. the outreach was free.
.our first patient on February 21, 2009 was Ma’am Pakdat. happy she was with our serious pseudo doctors (standing from extreme right with laboratory gowns) hamir, belinda, gagay and dannel..it was doctors dannel, belinda and hamir who did the blood typing on the first day of the event. on the second day, dr. abegail, hamir and dannel conducted the blood typing.

.as Ma’am Pakdat headed the tests, all of her students (freshies) in Biology 3 (Biodiversity) followed then. they were somehow persuaded by their teacher – Ma’am Pakdat. haha. *peace ma’am*. in the figure below, i was with Renzy (left) and Ai-ai ( right) proudly holding and showing their body index sheet.
.do we look like the next GREY’S ANATOMY casts? haha. *lol*. we really are – the PSEUDODOCTORS. but ei, this is just for now. sooner or later, we will really be DOCTORS. haha. *hopin’..with crossed fingers* (from right clockwise: dr. karen, dr. joyce, dr. gonx, dr. asmin, dr. gail, dr. gyne, dr. bel, dr. ed, dr. karla, dr. gagay and dr. dannel). we just did some wacky poses while waiting for our calls at the emergency room. haha.

.at the information desk (figure above) were dr. karen, dr. karla and dr. ed. dr. karen was assigned in the body indeces of the patients. dr. karla, on the other hand, checked the blood pressures of the patients while dr. ed assisted dr. karen. in the figure below, dr. gail, dr. dannel and dr. gyne were taking a pose while waiting for patients to have their blood typing and urine samples in the desk.
.and oh! this was me! (figure above). i did the semen analysis on the second day (Feb. 22, 2008). beside me was dr. gonx observing sperms as well.

..and yeah! here’s what we had. haha. billions of sperm cells from one of our patients.

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