Can you stop dancing?

.i first saw you in one of the department’s gathering. it was you then that strucked me most. i don’t know what’s in you that even the pointer of my compass still directing in you, since then. hatin’ it. i cannot evenly then understand myself. i’d been attached to some yet when i am seeing you, everything became dull and you absolutely shines. are you using KIWI then?

.a month after that first gathering, there was a big party. you were there. and so was i. but we never had any physical acquaintances yet by that time. i knew that you were already aware about me but am not just pretty sure enough how. many had been pointing and talking you to me. i just smiled. sometimes, do react. but oftenly, speechless.

.what’s really in you man that you are always wearing?where many had been longing to?that when you smile, many would be happy? that when you only passes by, everything would freeze? that even if just only your shadow would be seen, many giggles? who and what really a kind of human are you?

.mmmm..i still remember one instance that he talked to me. haha. flattered i was! it was when his elder brother asked him to hand something for me. i was not expecting it since his brother personally told me that he will really give it to me by the next day. and the night before that, we were texting on where and what time would we be meeting for him to give me the letter. and oh! i was just surprised that this man told me that he has something to give which his elder brother had asked him to. waaaaaaaaah! my world suddenly stopped. i wanna faint that time. hooooooooh! happy. unexplainable feeling. grrrrrrrrr.. giggling. “ang babaw naman ng kaligayahan ko“. yeah! i know. but what if you were the one in my situation?waaaaaaaaaah!

.after that event, i told to myself, “stop this. this is not good. though this is the reality. but not bad, either.” and so did i.

.only when i was busy preparing for my birthday that i received a message from him. haha. my world, for the second time, stopped. i almost to throw my cellular phone. i was not expecting that he would knew my birthday. waaaaaaaaaah. but, somehow i got offended as he said to his classmate, this was just relayed to me by his same classmate, that he will not be giving me gift on my birthday since i didn’t give any for him on his birthday even just a greetings. haha. well, what’s mine then? he had greeted me. then i thought to myself, nag-expect diay siya ug greetings from me?. haha. honestly, i remembered his birthday. only that i was ashamed enough to greet him. mmmmmmmmmm… *sigh*

.and by not, it’s been 8 months that i first met him and almost every school days that we are seeing, yet only thrice that we talked: twice personally and once through phone talk. mmmmmmm. i am not expecting more from this, as i had posted in my July entry of this blog, but i only wanted to stop, really really stop this. immaturity. all these.


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