..just gotten damn bored!

[A] – available?
* NOPE! Engaged..

[B]- birthday?
* November 24

[C]- crushing?
* ..yep!

[D]- last drink you had?
* coffee..my drinks!

[E]- easiest person to talk to?
* my boyfriend!

[F]- favorite colors?
* red..black (if one considers black as a color)..green.

[G]- gummy bears or gummy worms?
* nothin’!

[H]- hometown?
* trento, agusan del sur

[I]- ill?
* ..am suffering from homesickness!

[J]- job?
* ..less!

[K]- killed anyone?
* ..spaces here are not enough..cats..roaches..etc..

[L]- longest car ride?
* trento to marawi city (a round trip passing butuan city,
cagayan de oro city, iligan city then marawi city..and back
to trento via buda: bukidnon, davao city)

[M]- favorite milkshake flavor?
* vanilla

[N]- number of sibilings?
* three..

[O]- one wish?
* ..to fulfill all my wishes!

[P]- person who called you last?
* “ex

[Q]- in love?
* YES!

[R]- reason to smile?
* him!

[S]- song you last heard?
* Naked – Avril Lavigne

[T]- time you woke up this morning?
* 4:54 AM

[U]- understand people?
* ..no choice!

[V]- vegetarian?
* omnivore

[W]- worst habit?

[X]- x men lover?

[Y]- your number of friends on
* ..don’t have an account.

[Z]- zodiac sign?

..got no other things to do..i just opened
my friendster account, after almost a
month of being hacked, copied a
posted bulletin there, edited
and pasted here..
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