New Look on my Blog.

.to all my blogmates and friends, PARDON ME if i got a messy blogsite by now. am really sorry for this. mmmmmm. despite my so so busy schedules this past for those coming days, i still manage to edit and make my blog of new looks..haha. id able to forget for just 3 hours my stressful academic requirements: thesis (oh c’mon gagay, do you really wanted to graduate or not?..grrrrrr…hatin’ being addicted to my computer and just clicking and clicking my blogsite.), reports, special problem (..this makes me remind of my Bio 120 – Cell Biology professor..well, thanked God she had finally approved our SP proposal for how many revisions we had *sigh*..) , quizzes, exams and pressures regarding the calling for graduation.

.i am pretty sure that you can understand me. well, same as you, this “ corner of my life” became the shadow of everything in me. this is where i am putting and sharing my deep digging sides. this is one of my gates of expression. and one of my source of strengths (emotionally and somehow, mentally, but God is of never forgotten – my source of everything).

.i am making this as awefully new but still messy coz i realized that there are really more of me which i need to make new now. i am still on making this somehow a very window of me, somehow, as you view this, you can almost have a mirror image of me.

.thank you so much friends. hopin’ to hear any from you and kindly leave footprints and your sites as well. take care. pray always.

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