..see what I’ve got.

Despite of my busy life: school stuffs, social activities and family affairs, I still manage to have my blog of “no-other-thing-to-read”. For an hour of winkless stares in my personal computer monitor meeting deadlines: unstoppable revisions of my thesis manuscript, laboratory reports, special laboratory problem exercises, oral and written reports, projects, exams and quizzes, a minute of it has been clicked to my parking area – ..one corner of my life. I had been hooked to it. An addict, emotionally, to my blog site. And yeah, I never regret having those owed minutes from my busy scheds just to have a glance in this. Cause you know what I’ve got? I just recently received the payment of PayPerPost to me.

It was on the 28th of January of this year that I signed up for PayPerPost and posted my blog review on I got an A. And look! For only just a month (but this depends on the categories chosen and the opportunities that are available for any account), I then received the payment. haha.

So now, what are you waiting for? Sign up now for FREE and get something from what you had posted. It’s so easy to join. All needed things to do are just click, write, post and RECEIVE PAYMENT. That’s it. So easy right?

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