..bumped into something..it’s EGG OMELET.

.haha.this is one of my almost-forgotten-to-post posts. i supposed to put a title BREAKFAST STRUGGLE: Egg Omelet on this which i wrote last february 29. haha. funny how this happened. well, i remembered thence why i freakin’ly urged to take some photos of this omelet from the CSM canteen. haha.

.why i struggled that very morning?

.it was friday morning, i still have my Zoo 120 (Animal Physiology Lecture Class) at 8:30 – 10:00 AM yet i was damned late. i happened to be at school by quarter to 10:00 already. haha. plus, i didn’t took my breakfast yet that morning. so what i did, i just opted to stay at the school canteen, CSM Canteen. our had an early dismissal at 9:30 am so i just talked to my classmates there while they were eating. after they ate, i moved out to the kiosk to check some messages in my phone (damn!no signal for sun cellular inside our canteen). anyway, by that very moment, some of his (i am assuming that you already know the his/him i am talking to here..hehehe) classmates were rushing at the canteen. i haven’t noticed him that he too but just left behind. one of his classmates waved hi at me, and as i turned back, he was the one i saw. haha. again, my world stopped. grrrr.. so i decided to just stay at the kiosk, outside the canteen. he and his friends were there inside.
.minutes after, donna called me from the canteen. and so i walked inside coz i was thinking that he has done eating already and assuming that they would attend their laboratory class. donna seated 4 tables after their’s. i decided to ate and ordered egg omelet. clariza, another cassmate of mine, happened be there at the counter ordering also. i haven’t noticed him at my back only when he also ordered egg omelet. grrrrrr.. i almost to faint seeing him ordering same food as mine. and here’s one brow-crossing thing, he just finished eating kutsinta yet he still opted to eat more, take note, it was rice and omelet?

oh! c’mon! i can’t think of any but he’s really testing my nerves if those were all still working at their own sites. grrr..hmp! if you only knew MAN, i almost to die that very moment. grrrrr..

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