..can’t get thru..with EATING!

. i know and i am aware that i am one of those lassies who ‘s really can’t get rid of eating. eating. and eating. this is also one way of relaxing myself from school stuffs. haha. despite my stressful and depressed days, cramming time again, i still can manage to have a day or two of just eating. i remembered what my friends always telling me every time i am inviting them for an “eat all you can” and off course “pay as you eat” night out treat, “Mao nay stressed? Wala man lage ka namayat? Nanambok man hinuon? haha” [are you really stressed from school/academic loads? You’re getting fatter, either. haha.]. i do not know how and to react with those thingy coz i am really aware that i am getting heavier now. haha. i am getting fatter compared to those hassle-free schedules i had with my previous semesters. *sigh*

*took this photo at Dencio’s Eat All You Can Treat with some friends*


.well, all i am thinking now is the summer vacation. haha. how can i have my swim wears with all these fats?grrrr. two-piece. two-piece. two-piece.

..anyhow, i had a very stomach-full night just last night. haha. we did nothing more than ate and ate and ate. oh!wait, i was with algene – the ultimate liit, yuri – the camera – conscious paranoid and mon – no comment.
.for a night, i forgot all the things i needed to finish. haha. i was damn very full and somehow was relaxed. after that a-no-tommorrow-like dinner, we walked at the people’s park. here’s how yuri really got paranoid with those camera clicks. he became our official photographer that night. in fairness, he had a very nice shots. take note of his subjects.
.this was one of yuri’s master pieces. so nice. with very nice subjects also. haha.

haha. enough of those paranoia yuri. here you go! i successfully got a shot of you! [from left: algene, yuri and mon]

*the complete slide show of our pixes* 

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