I need SIGNS.

.huhu! DAMN! i do not know what to do now.. i need SIGNS if i really can graduate and march this april. huhu. got many which hinders me to graduate. such of these are:

^ my BIO 120 grades in the lecture class. oh c’mon. i do not know how to talk to our professor and consult her if any.
^ my thesis manuscript which is still in my panelist. i still have four signaturees needed and more more revisions. gosh. and more, this day, my panelist didn’t come to school. whoaaaaaaaaah.

.these two things made me worry and bothered me most whether i could graduate or not. and one thing which has always been reminded me is the deadline for the submission of grades will be this april 1, 2008.

.how can i cope up with all of these? chances, still there? I NEED SIGNS!

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