Laboratory Rules

.as part of our Bio 120 (Cell Biology) requirements for this semester, we are required to have a Special Problem covering our laboratory experiments. last night (March 12, 2008) at the Molecular Biology Laboratory, we – i and cheri, finalized our experiments and data from 3:00 to 9:00 o’clock in the evening. glad enough that tianie and tin were there – helping us.

.for how many years of staying at the UP Mindanao, we are very much aware already to all the revised rules and regulations of the laboratories. but that evening, we were goosey enough that all the molecular equipments were turned into jerks. here’s the 10 of our dopy acts.

1. we did not secure permits before conducting laboratory experiments beyond class schedules (7:00 AM to 7:00 PM).

2. we knew that materials and other equipments other than needing for the experiment, are strictly for thesis and other related study only..yet, we still used those without permission.

3. as part of our special problem procedure, we need to stain using the Janus Green – cytochemical test in quantifying mitochondria. yet, staining is prohibited at the molecular biology lab, unless permitted.

4. laboratory equipments are intended for laboratory purposes ONLY. haha. what happened to us? we used the micropippetor as an eyedropper and thermometers as our magic wands. haha.

5. take good care of all the laboratory equipments: clean and arrange all properly. huhu. tianie broke two test tubes and even the microscope. we also stepped in at the table.

6. no eating inside the laboratory. well, i was just damn hungry. albumin for me!

7. laboratory is not for sleeping. tin was just sleepy huh. she is a sleepy head.

8. wear proper laboratory gown inside the lab. haha. tin, after that photo, used the laboratory gown from the laboratory locker.

9. tables and chairs inside the laboratory are for proper laboratory uses. cheri might not know the rules. haha.

10. never play inside the laboratory. well, we’re just happy.

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