..the journey of the narcist.

.yeah.this is then the real feeling of being always taken photos, stolen shots.haha.i just thought it would just be the same if you yourself will take photos for you.feelin’ like a celebrity.”paparazzi, are you there?’.simply like that.funny but its really true.so awkward.iw.

.after, an again and again and again, our boredom moments after the six-hour long of doing nothing and just waiting for our 5:30 til 7:00 pm class of sir ting (NSM 192: Research Process) on February 29, 2008, mae, my classmate, borrowed my sony digital camera.she asked me if it’ll be ok if she’ll take photos of mine.i never thought she was serious about it.so said i, ok, it’s up to you.lovin’ it.haha.i just realized that she was really serious in taking those photos when she let me view the photos she has taken.and oh, so shocked that those were all my, honestly, not-that-accepted shots.grrrrr..what she had were these photos:

.and ei, before i forgot, i have this post script (so so cute..feeling member ng MIB.haha).but this is in photo style.hehe.am tagging july.

*this is danielle julie marie crumb.one of my fave subject in photography.*
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