UP (University of the Philippines) made me CRAZY, LITERALLY!

.mmmmm.i am now on the stage of hesitance – backing in and out whether to graduate or not.but i really need to graduate this semester.i have to.it’s needed.

.by march 18, the semester might be over.however, UP is not over me yet.huhu.take a stare at any calendar.grrrr.everytime i hear a tick of the clock, my nerves crang, my heart tries to stop beating, neurons want to stop signaling.ouch.hurt.cry.die?oh!c’mon.i still wanted to be a doctor.i want to be a forensic geek.tsk.tsk.tsk.but how can i have all of those that from this very moment, i still cannot imagine myself wearing the sablay.i can’t even think of centennial graduation.but i really have to.i dunno then.huhu.

.i have here the list of my remaining 10 – day cramming, coping up, having all requirements done and making up schedule which needs to be met.or else.huhu.not to mention, i cannot graduate.help me cry!with crossed fingers, i have to.

.but ei, i still need to give myself a break before thinking of those thingy.haha.am i slowly becoming a fool?haha.well, relax.stay calm before cramming.empty one’s mind first.i proclaim it.hey,with all those stresses and pressures i had, only a 30 – minute break was all i asked to myself.off course, i need to stay beautiful.coz after all, whether to graduate or not, it’s still me then looking up for everything and soaring the world.so got no choice but do what makes me happy now.this is one of the never-forgotten-and-still-bagging-in daily word of wisdom.as said and shared to me by my friend, let everyday as if its my last day.so fly high.soar high.swim deep.walk fast.drive carefully.live your day heartily and with God.and off course be happy.and with all these, this was what i got this morning: my very greeny french – tipped nail style.

*take a look at my nails.xo xo greenie..and happen
to wear the “i love this UP shirt” shirt.
.remindin’ me of graduation AGAIN!*

.and believing it or not, i have swept away for 30 minutes all my worries, depressions, laments, etc.after which, id able to finish my manuscript revision just for 2 hours (haha.yet it is still at the adviser’s level.*sigh*).see how effective relaxation really is.there’s more.wait.my aunt asked me to be with my cousins at the cinema house to watch My Big Love (starring Sam Milby, Toni Gonzaga and Kristine Hermosa).after an hour and 45 – minute of butt heating at the 3rd cinema in NCCC Mall, Davao City which started at 4:00 pm, we gone home.i took a nap.hoooh!as woke up, i felt more relaxed and emptied.as if i do not have any to think of.then i started to work on my school requirements and everything followed then.felt more refreshed plus my xoxo nails.

.oh!it’s monday tomorrow.grrr.need to take a rest now.good dawn friends.

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