What happened to the narcist?

.haha.it’s wednesday (feb 27, 2008).mid-week.yet i do not have any to worry.and what i just did the whole day was to take and take and take photos–my frustration.haha.frustrated photographer i am.most of my unpublished, yet, sure to myself, accepted and approved subjects are me, myself and i.haha.a certified narcist, in all means.nothin’ to argue with.grrrr..

.but this not-so-worry day made me definitely different from the-who-really-am-i.haha.i took photos of everybody–i mean, anybody.it’s not bad.but am not saying that it’s good either.its just that i enjoyed it.but i didn’t, on the other way, offended any.perhaps, july, loved it.i presume.haha.in fact she wanted to have some copies of my not-so-stolen shots of hers.haha.

.these are some of july’s photos which i took.stolen.haha.*peace july*

.after the six-hour in-between class boredom, tanga moments, sir ting, in our NSM 192 class asked me to take photos of my classmates flocked in each group.proudly, this were what i got during the 5:30 til 7:00 pm class.haha.maybe, i’ll just post this sequentially.hehe.

*am not really sure of the group number..hehe.pardon me.
but these are hannah, kim, reah and joseph**mmmm..pardon me..i forgot the name of that girl at the extreme
right portion..here are: michelle, jr (if am not mistaken) and ivanne*

*jude, aira, abby and bryan..*

*jonah, joan, aprille and dexie..*

*enrico, mao and georgina gee..where’s mirmo?*

*dannel, asmin, maimai and karen*

*grace, aeia and joyce..where’s carlo?*

*group 8 we are..i (gagay), mae and cheri.


*belinda, donna, divina and clariza*

.but ei,am not really sure of the group sequence.haha.what am i sure of is that we are the group 8.unfortunately.we’re only three in our group.others are of four members.

.hmmp!hey!you think that i forgot to take photo also to our prof?nope nope nope..here’s sir ting!the shaolin master!haha.he got to have this pig-tail-like braided long hair.ei, he’s not really a shaolin master, but a marine biologist, marino.*peace sir*

*Prof. Cleto Nanola: the shaolin mastah!  

.just happened to delay the posting..got damn busy with my manusript.hoopin’ that this still not that late.

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