..haha. for a week of rest and meditation, i can now say I AM DEFINITELY FINE and GETTING OVER with those graduation hang-overs. haha.

..i know God has something better for me and am pretty sure that it is not for me now. hehe. am just hoping that i can still cope up with all of those possible trials that He may be giving to me.

.anyway, am starting to continue what i had started regarding what i really wanted in my life. honestly, i got to the point in stopping everything, yet i realized i must to move on and soar higher than just letting the wind blow me into nothing and got into something else that would make my life bad or even worsen.

.hahay. i am not stupid not to admit and face the truth though it really hurts. i just expected the most of what i can dream of. i never thought of the possiblities that i might fell. now, i realized that it is really a brain-cracking knock down that i tried to squeeze everything out of me.

.nonetheless, i am ok now. and telling the world that i am greatful having a kind of great fall. i know this is for me to be better tommorrow.

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