..and FINALLY!

.haha. after all my hesitations..haha..i realized CALL CENTERS are not for me. weeeeeeeh.. i decided not to work. i prefer to just stay at home. hoooooooooh! for sure, am getting bigger by the end of the year..haha..

.well, anyway, last april 17 was my niece’s (ALEXI) first birthday. huhu. i was so damn sick that time. i wasn’t able to savor the gladness and happiness dancing around our house. huhu.

*alexi on her birthday..ooooops, that cake was my gift for her..*

.and on the next day, the family decided to continue the celebration in a resort in our town..but still, i wasn’t able to be with them..huhuhu..

*alexi with her mum*  

..waaaaaaaaaaah!so sooon as am getting better, ill put my concentration on my site..grrrrrrrr…
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