^_^ sigh.

.from all of those hang-overs, now i can really tell to the world that i’ve gotten over from damnness hurt and pains from graduation – whaaaaaattttaaaa cliche!haha.

.anyway, i got no things to do. and so i decided to look for a job. and for almost a week and more, i have fetched a single idea. haha. though they were happy seeing me trying to be good, i know they glad to see me smiling now. haha. what many had been sharing is the heat of the beating CALL CENTERS. haha.

.am i?

*a great morning with my brother – carlo, having some coffee*

.woohoo..i got hard time to think of the invites. not to mention the centers which had been inviting for some agents which used to inquire graduating students at the office of the students affairs in school, the only thing that i am telling to them is that “i do not know yet..”.haha. really, i do not know what to do by this time. do i have to accept the invites? or not? i have lots of friends working to some of those centers and sharing to me some of their experiences, and i found them great though some are not. hahay.

.what shall i do now? huhu.