..i do not know.

.it’s already mid-summer, yet i still do not know what and where i would be by this coming June (2008). i do not exactly know what to do. grrrrrrrr..

.i posted last time regarding call center thingy. why i did that because i was hesitant still to apply for call centers since most of my friends advised me not to work as an agent. another, they also shared that i am overqualified for the work, haha. i know they were just kidding, as they said, “a UP student will just work as an agent“. haha. i just laugh at them. and oh, they added that i am a BS Biology student, and its very far from working as such. they teased me.

.hmmmmmmp.. i never really chose a job to work with as long as i am qualified. coz i am pretty sure that i can, haha, absolutely, adjust with the work loads, hopefully. yeah, honestly. only that, there were only a few companies where i applied at. weeeeeeeh. i still applied as a call center agent also, as one of those options.

.by far, a lot of companies were already calling and checking back my replies for them. but i still do not know if am gonna grab those opportunities they were giving. huhuhu. most of which are for full time employment. and this brought me to think more of my medical career. i really wanted to pursue medicine. what if am gonna be heart-filled and well-knowledged already with the work? what should i do? huhuhu. waaaaaaaaaaaah.