my passion: writing and writing and writing..

.i still remember my secondary and even my elementary years that i used to write and write and write whatever i want to. haha. i am fond of writing stories of whatever i can think of. one more thing that i remembered in all those times is the essay writing contest i joined. there was one contestant who plagiarized the work of her adviser. though he won the contest as first placer, he was then disqualified after a week of reviewing our works.

.hahay ^_^. got to momentarilly knocked these things in me when i browsed useful sites which can help me doing some french essays. its not only that, plagiarism is not of big problem or a question since it is updated to plagiarism reports. moreover, not only french essays that the site is concerned of when i clicked more informations out of it but also the common exploratory essays and writings.

.haha. got to shout for gladness. the site, other than the mentioned single slick-outs above, share also papers and term papers and even the editing and proofreading of those. well, this made me freshen those times of more than a year of thesis manuscript writing. haha. if only got to find the site earlier, i might not have those baggy-eyes and sleepless nights in front of my personal computer. hahay.

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