part time job: babysitting?!?

,..after months of looking for a part-time job, in fact i have found one, my mum didn’t allow me to work..juju! well, i already knew bout it that she was really against my idea of working..she just told me to stay at home and rest.. hoooooh!

..and that, i chose to just stay home!

..unfortunately, the nanny of my nephew – DIDONG, left and went home without even leaving us a message telling not to be back or even not to work again.. ..whew! i am the one taking care of Didong when his mum is working everyday.. gosh! whaaaaaaaaaata work!?! jaja..


….hahay.. is this really what i should do now? hooooooooh! aside from staying at home, babysitting? gosh! huhuhu! but, i still love to be with Didong.. jeje..playing kiddie games and learning alphabet and counting one (1) to ten (10). hehehe.. 

*playing tongue and eyes in front of the camera*

..Didong is still 1 year old and 6 months yet he already knew how to say the alphabet, count numbers from 1 to 10, identify some letters, animals and playing its sounds.. he used to call me MOMMY GAGAY, pronounced as MEH-MEH DADAY.. sweet, isn’t he?

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