Reposting: PHONOPHOBIC and PHOTOPHOBIC I am!’s like everything around me are annoisance! My legs begun to crack.. My head started to crumble..grrrrrr..

..hate the feeling when migraine attacks!’s like I am hating everything around me.. I can’t freely move my body or even a single part of it.. I don’t wanna hear any noise even a whisper.. And I hate lights so much! Whaaaata PHONOPHOBIC plus PHOTOPHOBIC am I!?!

What made migraine more threatening to me are its effects in my eyes.. grrrrrr… I had been using pairs of eyeglasses since I was in high school..and sometimes, it made me faint..tsk..tsk..tsk.. By now, I used to have two different neurologists..and sucks! I hate always having a medical check-up.. Medicines, yes!they work..but only at first..grrrrr…after two weeks of continuously taking two or three kinds, those doesn’t have any effects on me already!grrrrrr… If only heads could be transplanted, I have happened to..


>> got to repost this article now cause i am badly suffering from migraine now a days..and it really sucks me.. i do not know now what to do with this! gosh! huhuhu! can anybody help me extending some advices on how to deal with these? huhu! done consulting my two neurologists but still migraine is untimely hurting me..

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