The Planet Earth

With our new unlimited internet connection at home,
I have all the time, almost 24 hours a week in
just talking and staring at my personal computer,
I was able to browse and reread all
previous posts and even the comments..




I was strucked in one of the comments in
one of the posts last March – Laboratory Rules.
The comment was written anonymously.
I remembered the time I first read the comment,
I never really put emphasis and mind on
it since it was really a very very long
commentary message.The message goes like this:


Anonymous said… Unfuck Planet Earth.
The gods will do everything in their power to prevent this, for they worked very hard to set up this degenerative environment.

For whoever had commented me this, just let me know
by contacting me in my mobile fone (if you could have one)
or directly in my email
I just have some things to clarify or say inquire
regarding the comment..Thank you!


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