After NFA, here comes Melamine..

After almost 6 months of the National Food Authority (NFA) Rice outbreak, another mind-puzzling and ear-polluting health-probing awareness has been broadcasting daily even in the local radio stations – the melamine controversies.

Melamine, basically, is an ingredient in making melawares and cleaning products in China. But recently, it has been found out that in many chocolate and milk products worlwide, melamine is used to be one of the main ingredients since it has high nitrogen content of about 66% by mass which is 10-12% only for typical protein.

Isn’t it inviting and mouth-savoring? If only to think of its contents, yes it is. But, many are unaware of the fact that it is toxic if taken. It can damage the respiratory system, nervous sytem and other internal organs such as the kidneys and the bladder. Studies show that the human kidneys are not able to strain the melamine in the blood because it cannot be dissolve easily by the digestive system.

To be healthwise enough, just be cautious in all the milk and chocolate products you are consuming. Be aware of those China-made products.

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