Guilty or Not Guilty

It’s my first time to attend an arraignment session this morning in the Regional Trial Court in Digos City, Davao del Sur. Whew! Got to have a very nerve-cracking and knee-jerking moments. I saw crying accused gents and ladies wearing orange shirt. Some are old enough accused guilt from committing murder, qualified theft, illegal gambling and more. I can even feel their tensions and nervousness when there names are read with the statements “People of the Philippines versus blah blah blah under criminal case number…”. As there names were mentioned, some could even cry louder. Hoooh. I could even cry for them.

Well, so much with that, I with my aunt, sis and bro attended the session just to accompany our grand mother. She filed last year a case against somebody who forged her signature just to claim the Social Security System (SSS) benefits of his husband. Estafa.

Hmp. This coming October 30 will start the hearing of the case.