Happy Birthday MAGGIE!


..it’s Oct. 31, and MAGGIE, we used to call her BATING, is celebrating her tenth (10th) happy years. It’s her birthday today!

<– Maggie with my sis, Barang.

..i just remember what my dad (when he was a bit tipsy having some drinks of beer with my uncle from Manila last Oct. 26) had boastfully promised to her, hehe, that he’ll gonna give a very grande party for Maggie! We, her cousins here in Davao, invited her to stay here for a week because it is still there mid-year break. However, she intended to just stay in Trento, Agusan del Sur for the whole week because of what my dad had told her. hehe. My mum teased her to always remind my dad regarding the party.

And yes, hehehe, though just a simple party, Maggie was very happy (i supposed, coz am just here in Davao..)

Happy birthday MAGGIE. I mean, BATING! We love you TING!

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