It’s already a week had past and we still do not have our internet connection back. Grrr.. Almost thrice everyday that I had been calling and reminding the costumer service hotline of smart telecommunications regarding our concern. They were just telling me to wait for 24 hours. And telling you, I almost to memorize all the blah blah blahs of (just some) irate customer service representatives. hehe. One CSR, I think he is a gay , that I had talked with called me SIR, grrrrrrrrr.. my temper has gotten its boiling point and I almost to freak out when I heard it. Gosh! His making me a man! grrrrr.. Another CSR that I have scolded because she want me to do troubleshooting after four days of just been troubleshooting. And ooops, she even asked me if I knew how to do the troubleshooting. My gosh! I’d been into techy world since computers had bloomed. Whew! Enough that my sister was with me I didn’t raised my voice with the CSR.

So!?!?! Until when will we still be waiting for the smart bro to be fixed?