Astro says I WILL BE LUCKY ON 2009!

Whew! Though am not really an avid reader of astrology and I am not into 100% believing on those things, I just somehow learning to read some of my daily horoscope and astrology. As what one of my friends had said, there is no wrong or something would be lost if I’ll believe some of those. Haha. That was her one reason why she shared to me a weblink on Chinese Astrology. According to her, there really nothing wrong if just reading or say I’ll believe even a little of those. Hehe.

I just post here some of the astrological writings that she had shared to me. Hehe!

“The Ox can do well this year through steady progress. There may be a number of experiences that will provide great joy for the Ox. One area, in particular, is the Ox’s personal life. You may see an addition to the family. You will be surrounded by those who care. Look for the early summer months to attend many social occasions, providing many new faces in your social circle. One area of focus is to be open to the advice of others, as you tend to keep your issues to yourself. Overall, your own year can be one that you will look back on with pride and a genuine sense of achievement.”

Haha! I do not know if I’ll really believe this or now. Well, let us just see. 🙂

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