Cell Biology Lecture Class First Long Exam

Whew! This coming Dec. 9 will be our first lecture exam. Am a bit nervous. grrrrr.. Honestly, everytime I have been reminded of our exam, I’m shaking. And it really feels like tumbling my knees.

Anyway, since I’ d enrolled the course, Bio 120 – CELL BIOLOGY, I do not have any choice but to take the exam which is one of the requirements in completing the course and even my degree. *sigh* Hopin’ that I really can march this April of 2009 so I can pursue my medical degree. whew! 😉

Well, I might post here some of my personal notes taken during our lecture classes. And oops, taking an eye on my schedule, every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 AM until 11 AM only and every Thursdays at 1 PM until 4 PM is our laboratory classes.

Our very useful resource in the class is the interactive book of Alberts et al 2002, Molecular Biology of the Cell. Sadly, I cannot attach or post here our PDF files of the presentations. Well, better then to read the book of Alberts et al.

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