Christmas always reminds me of WATUSI

Since, am just here in my boarding house (hostel), I cannot able to watch television for the very current news updates nor read newspapers at hand. So, what I did was just merely browsing online news sites from the Philippines.

While reding, I just readily remembered WATUSI every christmas. This is one of those firecrackers that children were given warnings not do have it.

Just wanna share this news from GMA News.

Public reminded about dangers of watusi

12/16/2008 | 08:28 PM

MANILA, Philippines –
Health officials in Western Visayas cautioned parents Tuesday to keep an eye on their children and make sure they do not play with the watusi firecracker.

Online news site The News Today ( reported that the Health Department’s regional Center for Health Development warned that watusi can cause loss of life and limb.

Western Visayas CHD officer-in-charge Dr. Ariel Valencia said that while watusi is already banned, these are still sold in sidewalks and sari-sari stores.

The DOH included the advisory against the use of watusi and other firecrackers in a briefer on “Fourmula Kontra Paputok” for merrymakers to “stay alive and complete for the coming year.”

It said watusi poisoning is a condition stemming from the ingestion of watusi, which is made up of extremely poisonous and toxic chemicals.

Victims of watusi poisoning may sustain burns and experience burning pain in the throat and garlic odor from breath.

Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomitus and excreta suffered by the victim.

The DOH advises against inducing vomiting, but instead urges that the victim, if a child, be given eight egg whites. Adults should be given up to 12 egg whites.

In case of skin exposure, the patient should be bathed using alkaline soap.

A child victim should be brought immediately to the nearest hospital even if he/she seems to be well, because ill-effects may not be seen at once. – GMANews.TV