do i have MUMPS?


I am really afraid and I do not know how and what I really feel now. Gosh. My jaws, everytime I talk, seems like crashing me. painful. I cannot eat because as I am trying to open my mouth, it’s like letting me to stop to. huhuh! What should I do now?

If this is mumps, am really that lassy having a bad luck now! I still have my online classes that I need to attend to everyday for 4 hours. How can I have lessons/classes with my students then?

Mmmm..If this really mumps, what would I do then? I know mumps do not have any medications yet. Physicians just usually giving their patients lots of pain reliever. This is because until today, there is no study yet on what would be tha best possible medications for mumps. *sigh*

I think, I really do not have any choice now but just, I guess, to lay down and do besdrest?huhu! This is really painful. grrrrrrrrrrrr…

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