RareJob Party

At exactly 12 noon, Gaku-san arrived at the Buffet Palace, located in Matina just along the Mc-Arthur Highway here in Davao City. I and other two co-tutors arrived almost 20 minutes before 12:00 noon. Whew! We are the early birds! Hehe!

Minutes more later, other tutors came and we just had our lunch. hehehe! After which, Gaku-san just introduced to us the awardees (best tutors) from other UP campuses. Aside from that, he also shared his stay here in the Philippines and in Davao City. It was, actually, his first time to be here in Davao City, and, as he said, he found Davao City as a very good place to stay though before he was thinking that it is not really that safe. He only claimed about the temperature here which as he said, “it’s so hot here”, plus something like moving his polo. He also shared that he had his scuba diving in Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) with some tutors, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there that time. I was busy. Huhu!

At around past 3:00PM, we ended our gathering with a lot of pictorial sessions. And whew, before I forgot, he also gave each tutors a tumbler with RareJob logo. And we also gave him souvenir mugs which was printed with his photo and Kato-san’s with RareJob logo and the Philippines and Japan flags.