The Fatima de Davao School of Maa in Malagos Gardens and Eden Nature Park

Yesterday, Dec. 04, my cousins Pauline and Nicholas had there field trip in Malagos Garden Resort in Calinan, Davao City and in Eden Nature Park in Toril, Davao City as part of their academic learning in Fatima de Davao School of Maa.

I already visited the two awesomely worth-visiting and staying places here in Davao City but just got to forget to post here. hehe. And now that I have copies of the photos of my cousins being there, I opted to post some here.

One of the most visited and which really marks the name of Malagos Garden Resort is their Interactive Bird Show wherein some of the well-trained birds, dogs, horses, ostriches and other animals are having some funny presentations. More than the animals themselves, a lot of presentations also were shown such as those butterfly ladies, acting and dancing as butterflies and rooster gents.

In Eden Nature Park, on the other hand, has been visited mostly because of the its nature park wherein it usually serve as a very good spot for different occasions.

Wooh! I almost to forget the credits in here. hehe.. thanking so much my cousins!

Left pic: Pauline and her teacher. Right pic: Nicholas (center) with his classmates.
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