The TRUE SPIRIT of Christmas

I was surprised when I saw a lot of kids aging from, I think, 5 to 8 years old, if am not mistaken, used to do caroling along the high-way streets when we were heading here in Trento from Davao City just this morning. Some of those kids were knocking on the windows of cars tending to stop during traffic. Whew! I really can’t imagine how the parents of those kids feeling now that they are just allowing there children do those stuffs on the street. Or, should I say, are really those parents who told them to do such things? *sigh*

And on that same day, our farm workers with their family visited my dad for he was suffering from his rheumatism.. Hmp!?! My mum gave them christmas presents. I just then remembered those kids from the streets and somehow had compared those kids of our workers. *sigh* I really pitied those kids on the streets. They were really helpless. I was thinking then if what would happen to them if they just readily been bumped or hitted by rushing cars. Hooh!?

Well, anyay, so much with those laments,, It’s christmas season, so we need to be happy as much as we can. Mmmm.. I just gave coins to those kids on the streets, anyhow. I just can’t realize what really the true spirit of christmas then?huhuhu!

Moreover, last night, I was really drunk. Hehehe. We started having fun waiting for the christmas eve at around 7 PM with off course, my family, so sad that our eldest sibling was not here, he spent christmas with his family in Davao City. We were drinking, dancing and singing the whole night until 12 midnight of 25th came.

A video of a firecrackers on Christmas Eve
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