my mum turns 52

Today, we are celebrating the 52nd sexy, healthy, lovely birthday of our Mum – DINGGAY.

She used to be called MAMANG DIDING, NANA, MA’AM DINGGAY, NERISSE.. and a lot more.. But, of whatever names she’s been called, she’s the same and only number one (1) mum we always have.

We had the party in one of the inland resorts in Trento, Agusan del Sur with my cousins, aunts (my mums sisters0, nephew (Didong), niece (Didang), sisters and friends. At around 8:00 in the morning we went there, do swimming, eat and had fun with the water. We just gone home, I think, at around 3:00 in the afternoon. It was damn cold, the temperature, because it was raining there when so I just decided not to go swimming instead. hehehe..

Though I didn’t go swimming, best assured, that I really had fun there, was so happy with my mum and I am sure she really was. Hehehe.. Whew! I gave my mum a cake from red ribbon, heheh! Candles? No! I didn’t.. Candles could only just remind me of digits, of age for us to be conscious with. Haha..

No candles, no digits, just staying YOUNG!
Lovely more years Mum!

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