reminiscing MY PAST.. been browsing for some cutee li’l kid GAGAY photos for me to submit some in our department, for I do not know the reason – we’re just required to submit some, hehe, I stumbled to some of my photos way back then. haha. Should I just post here? With me here are my sibling (wewee, bait, and kulit)

haha! I could still remember when I was still in kindergarten, hehe, my mum used to dress me up like a real lady coz I was then a very boyish kid. hehe. My mum let me join the search for Little King and Queen 1992 ‘coz, as what she said, through this, I might become a girly thingy GAGAY – not to be boyish. wahaha!

CONFESSION: I used to go to gallera (sabungan) with my Lolo since I was still 5 years old (until NOW?!?!). haha.

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