SORE THROAT and more…

huhu! I really can’t figure out now why I still have this sore throat. I am still suffering this one. This actually started when we celebrated our new year’s eve. As part of welcoming the new year, a Filipino tradition, we shout, I mean, I shouted a lot, scream, and and drink. haha. and on the 1st of January, I just observed that I really then can’t talk anymore. huhu! I could only have a whispering sound. grrrrr..

I am very sorry to my students that until now I still have this very bad voice. It’s already Jan. 8, yet am still suffering from this one. grrrrrrr… And what makes this I hated more are the flu, colds and fever I am having now. whaaaaaaaaaata new year for me!grrrr..

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